Ecuador Highway 15

Ecuador Highway 15 (E15) is the main coastal trunk highway of mainland Ecuador.

Ecuador Highway 15 marker
Ecuador Highway 15
Via E15
Pacific Route
Troncal del Pacífico
Route information
Length741.33 km (460.64 mi)
Major junctions
North endColombian border in Esmeraldas Province
South endSanta Elena
Highway system
Highways in Ecuador
E10 E20

Route descriptionEdit

Esmeraldas ProvinceEdit

E15 starts on the border with Colombia on a bridge over the Mataje River, in Esmeraldas Province. This section of the route is not near the coast. Near San Lorenzo, there is a connection with E10, which leads east towards Ibarra.

Passing the San Lorenzo area, the trunk begins to skirt the coast through the city of Esmeraldas and the towns of Atacames and Sua. In Esmeraldas, the route links with the start of the Northern Transverse (E20), which connects with Santo Domingo in the Province of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas and the capital, Quito, in the province of Pichincha. At the height of the town of Shua, take the road heading south away momentarily from the coast to the town of Pedernales in the province of Manabi.

Manabi ProvinceEdit

From Cojimíes, in the province of Manabi, E15 returns to skirt the coast through the coastal town of Jama and the coastal cities of Bahia de Caraquez and Manta. In Manta, the backbone connects to the Central Cross (E30) linking it to Portoviejo, Manabi and Latacunga, Cotopaxi, the two east. South of Manta the path of the Core Pacific (E15) leads through the towns of Puerto Cayo Manabi and Puerto Lopez.

Santa Elena ProvinceEdit

Once in the Province of Santa Elena, E15 passes through a number of villages and seaside resorts of high attraction as Ayampe, Olon, Montañita, Ayangue Ballenita, etc. At the height of the city of Santa Elena, the trunk meets the Southern Cross (E40). The combined route, which carries the designation E15 / E40, extends southwest direction, culminating in the city of Salinas in the west of the Punta de Santa Elena (Point westernmost end Ecuador continental).