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Ecotechnics is defined as the 'techne' of bodies. Ecotechnics thinks of the body as a technology which makes possible the inclusion of a whole new range of bodies. This gives people more agency and biopower over their own use of their bodies. This makes it usable for queer theory and disability studies. The term is then also central in Sullivan's and Murray's collection of essays Queering the Technologisation of Bodies. It is built on Bernard Stiegler's work that sees the body and technology as a double process: the technology and the body are informed by each other. Derrida who extends on both Jean-Luc Nancy and Stiegler's ideas argues that the 'proper body' implicates interconnections of technical additions. Ecotechnics goes against the essentialist and binary notion of the body as a technological object which positions it within post-structuralism. The body can only be understood within its environment and this environment is a technical one.


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