Ecological Genetics (book)

Ecological Genetics is a 1964 book by the British biologist E. B. Ford on ecological genetics. Ford founded the field and it is considered his magnum opus. The fourth and final edition was published in 1975.

Ecological Genetics
Ecological Genetics (E B Ford book).jpg
AuthorE. B. Ford
SubjectEcological genetics
PublisherChapman & Hall
Publication date
ISBN0412103206 (3rd edition)

Ford's work was celebrated in 1971 by Ecological Genetics and Evolution, a series of essays edited by Robert Creed, publ. Blackwell, Oxford. This included contributions from Cyril Darlington, Miriam Rothschild, Theodosius Dobzhansky, Bryan Clarke, A.J. Cain, Sir Cyril Clarke and others.

Ford and Ronald Fisher represented one side of a dispute with the American Sewall Wright over the relative roles of selection and drift in evolution.[1]

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  • Papilio dardanus (the swallowtail butterfly that is the subject of chapter thirteen)


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