Ecole Supérieure de Gestion et de Technologie (ESGT-Benin University), Cotonou

École Supérieur de Gestion et de Technologie (ESGT-Benin University) is a private university located in Cotonou Benin Republic. The university is one of the trailblazing school in the country with programs ranging from Arts, Sciences, Engineering and Management. Since its inception, they have admitted students from different parts of Benin Republic and Nigeria, and also given non native French speakers the opportunity to study through their English Section. It received its accreditation and degree-granting charter in 2013 through an Act of the Assembly of the Ministry of Higher Education, Benin Republic. It was founded in June, 2009.

Students lifestyle is one interesting part of the school, as we always encourage living with people from different backgrounds, thereby promoting togetherness irrespective of class, tribe or social status. Also, the housing arrangements are made comfortable for everyone, and free of crowd. In addition, the school's accommodations are fully equipped with beds, fan, water and stable power supply that will enable easy and adequate learning experience.

Furthermore, it is pertinent to note that a good study platform improves learning. In that case, at École Supérieur de Gestion et de Technologie, it's taken personally to ensure students have conducive and well structured lecture rooms to enable good study results. The classrooms are never crowded, giving the students enough space to breathe and be themselves

Their educational system in Africa is not structured to provide solution to our socio-economic problems/needs. It is this pathetic situation that necessitated the inception of this unique university. The university combines Academics with Handwork to graduate a complete scholar balanced and equipped to conquer the world.

Also, they help students with their journeys outside the formal educational wall, like excursions, learning and experiencing the culture and lifestyle of Benin Republic, indoor and outdoor sports activities and its kind.

The university also attaches great importance to seminars, workshops and conferences as effective agents to human capital development and self-enrichment.

ESGT encourages those who are interested in tailoring and creative fashion designs. The students week come with many social activities including fashion show, singing competition, sporting activities, excursions around Benin Republic, Togo, Ghana and even South Africa.

In conclusion, all staffs and Administration body of our Noble school takes the success of every student as their priorities and at such they commit all their time and knowledge to groom and teach each student until they become the best in their career paths. They stand on the notion that education is not to be rushed but taken patiently until a positive result is achieved.

Academic distinctionEdit

ESGT-Benin University offers a broad range of bachelor degree programs in disciplines such as accounting, business administration, public administration, economics, civil engineering, electrical/electronics engineering, international relations, political science, transport and logistics, banking and finance, insurance, mass communication, computer science, and information and communication technology.

All technical inclined courses are approached practically.Click me for more details