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Easyworld were an English indie alternative rock/pop band hailing from Eastbourne, consisting of David Ford on vocals, Jo Taylor on bass and Glenn Hooper on drums, active between 2001 and 2004. The band achieved limited success in the early 2000s, releasing 3 albums in total; Better Ways to Self Destruct, This Is Where I Stand and Kill the Last Romantic on Fierce Panda Records and Jive Records before parting ways in August 2004.

Easyworld, from left to right: Glenn Hooper, David Ford and Jo Taylor,
Background information
OriginEastbourne, East Sussex, England
GenresAlternative rock
Years active1996–2004
LabelsFierce Panda Records
Jive Records
Sony BMG Music Entertainment
WebsiteOfficial Website
Past membersDavid Ford
Jo Taylor
Glenn Hooper


Formation, early years and Better Ways To Self DestructEdit

Throughout the mid-1990s, Ford and Glenn Hooper played together in several small rock bands such as Sweater, Sixteen & Sheadly. After one Sheadly gig, bassist Jo Taylor approached the band and told them that they needed her to play as their current bassist wasn't up to scratch.

A few years passed, Sheadly had split and once again Ford and Hooper were on the look out for new band members, placing adverts for members in the window of their local music store. In a twist of fate, Jo Taylor picked up the advertisement, and the band 'Beachy Head' were formed.

After recording a few rough demos and an unreleased album, the trio re-christened the band 'Easyworld', after a lyric in their song "Better Ways To Self Destruct". The band signed to Fierce Panda and released their debut E.P., also titled Better Ways to Self Destruct even though it did not feature the song of that name, in 2001. The E.P. was preceded by the single "Hundredweight".

The band eventually split in 2004, before the split the band's label Jive was taken over by BMG and the band were due to re-release Kill the Last Romantic with "How Did it Ever Come to This?" being an additional track, with a promotional campaign being set up. However, BMG were not too keen on the band's commercial position and were due to drop them, which later prompted their split, which was revealed to Ford, when he wrote a letter to them saying he was not happy and wanted the contract cancelled.

Jive Records and This Is Where I Stand (2002-2003)Edit

The band signed to Jive Records in the fall of 2001[1] and released two albums, This Is Where I Stand and Kill the Last Romantic before splitting in 2004.


Studio albumsEdit


  • 1. I Don't Expect You To Notice (2005)

Single releasesEdit

Single/EP Release date Label Format(s) UK Singles Chart Position[2] Notes
"Hundredweight" 19 February 2001 Fierce Panda Records CD, 7" - Accompanied by b-sides: "All I Ever Had", "U Make Me Want To Drink Bleach"
"Try Not to Think" 11 March 2002 Jive Records CD, 7" - Accompanied by b-sides: "Everyone Knows", "She's Something Else"
"Bleach" 20 May 2002 Jive Records CD, 7" 67 Accompanied by b-sides: "Lights Out", "People Who Don't Climb Ladders (Aren't Particularly Likely To Fall Off Ladders Now, Are They?"
"You & Me" 9 September 2002 Jive Records 2xCD, 7" 57 Accompanied by b-sides: "Better Ways To Self Destruct", "Little Sensation", "Hopelessly Devoted To You", "Right Thing"
"Junkies" 27 January 2003 Jive Records 2xCD, 7" 40 Accompanied by b-sides: "Me", "Junkies" (live acoustic), "Demons" (live acoustic), "People Who Don't Climb Ladders (Aren't Particularly Likely To Fall Off Ladders Now, Are They?"(live acoustic), "Enjoy The Silence" (Depeche Mode cover)
"2nd Amendment" 6 October 2003 Jive Records 2xCD, 7" 42 Accompanied by b-sides: "Other Man", "A Lot Like...", "Young In Love", "Dave, Where Have You Gone?", "Where Happy Is"
"'Til the Day" 19 January 2004 Jive Records 2xCD, 7" 27 Accompanied by b-sides "Straight To Video", "Heaven Knows You Will", "Luka", "California"
"How Did It Ever Come to This?" 30 August 2004 Zomba / BMG 2xCD, 7" 50 Accompanied by b-sides: "Celebritykiller", "Young Hearts Run Free", "You Can't Tear Polaroids", "This Guy's In Love With You"


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