Eastern Sudetes

The Eastern Sudetes (Polish: Sudety Wschodnie, Czech: Východní Sudety or Jesenická oblast) are the eastern part of the Sudetes mountains on the border of the Czech Republic and Poland.[1] They stretch from the Kłodzko Valley and the Eastern Neisse River in the west down to the Moravian Gate in the east,[2][3] leading to the Outer Western Carpathians.[4]

Eastern Sudetes
Panorama wsi Bolesławów i Masywu Śnieżnika.jpg
Panorama of Śnieżnik Mountains
Highest point
Elevation1,491 m (4,892 ft)
Coordinates50°4′59″N 17°13′51″E / 50.08306°N 17.23083°E / 50.08306; 17.23083Coordinates: 50°4′59″N 17°13′51″E / 50.08306°N 17.23083°E / 50.08306; 17.23083
Divisions of the Sudetes.svg
Divisions of the Sudetes range system, Eastern Sudetes marked in green
CountriesCzech Republic and Poland
RegionsOlomouc, Moravian-Silesian (Czech Rep.) and Lower Silesian, Opole, Silesian (Poland)
Parent rangeSudetes range system


The Eastern Sudetes consist of geomorphological units:

Notable townsEdit

Notable towns in this area include:


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