Eastborn (born 1976 as Richard Harcus, also known as Riz) is a rapper originally from Edinburgh but moved to Glasgow.[1] He was most popular in Switzerland, Germany and across mainland Europe, SE Asia and North America for his "Britcore" style. At one stage being labeled "best-selling Scottish hip-hop artist",[2] but he was little known in Scotland.[3][4]

He presented his own radio show on RadioMagnetic.com and also hosted several shows and guest appearances on BBC 1Xtra.

He has worked with some of the biggest names in hip hop around the world and performed and supported some of the biggest names in the 1990s and 2000 onwards.


Eastborn has toured to Beijing,[5][3] New York, Sydney and Vancouver. He started his own label, Drop Zone Records,[6] which comprised local talent such as Loki, Respek BA, Scotland Yard, Bright Sparks, Project Mayhem as well as English artists. Eastborn was always outspoken to the press and this made him as many enemies as it did friends. He was threatened with an ASBO in 2006 after graffiti of his record label appeared in Glasgow[6] Which was part of a scheme to clean up racist graffiti, but this was never covered in its entirety in the press. He has been arrested twice under the Prevention of Terrorism Act on return from separate shows abroad. Both times released with no charge.

Eastborn donated proceeds of his online releases to various charities and regularly performed for children's charities and political groups. This has led him to working with such politicians as George Galloway and Tommy Sheridan,[2] as well as supporting and releasing tracks for several local and international charities.[6][2]

Eastborn's company worked with local youth groups and drugs and alcohol abuse groups aiding young people and their families. It was said that he donated a substantial amount to charity groups and also aided in the development of an orphanage in Ukraine, one in Kenya and was forefront to helping with a convoy to Palestine.

Eastborn has worked with Prince Po, Canibus, Pacewone, 60 Second Assassin and Killah Priest (Wu Tang Clan). His latest album has still never surfaced Global Warning - 13 Bloodlines, which has led many to believe it will never be released, as Eastborn has unofficially retired and moved to SE Asia to continue coaching soccer. He was a relatively successful coach in Scotland with various clubs and he moved away from music and more into youth work.

He is now a UEFA-qualified, English and Scottish FA coach and lived and coached in Singapore, the US, Thailand, Scotland, Italy and Vietnam.

Current Youth Coach in SE Asia.


  • River to the Sea (Drop Zone Records, 2011)
  • The Irony feat - The 13th Tribe (Drop Zone Records, 2010)
  • Blair Witch Project (Drop Zone Records, 2009)
  • Kalashnikov Kids (Drop Zone Records, 2008)
  • Word Perfect LP (Drop Zone Records, 2003)

Guest appearancesEdit

  • Golden Ages - Wu Tang Clan (feat. Canibus, Pryme, P Thought, Mark Deez & Eastborn, 2010)
  • Monkey Sons - Hundredth Monkey (2009)
  • The Mantic Chapter - The Witchin (2006)
  • Fat Club - Land Of The Giants (2005)
  • Dark Craftsmen - True vandal feat Junior Disprol and Eastborn)
  • Granite Emcees - Bitter Sweet (2004)
  • Daddy Ash (Black Britannia) - Spaghetti Junction featuring Skinnyman, Skeme, Class A, Late, Eastborn. (2002)
  • 141 Glasgow Allstars 12" - "One Of Those 7 Emcess" ft Mista Bohze, Dan Bungladors, Big Div, Mista Defy, NC Epik, Eastborn, Chuck, Krashslaughta, I.Cue & Casual 7 (Woodchoppas Ball Communications, 2002)


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