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East Timor centavo coins

East Timor centavo coins were introduced in East Timor in 2003 for use alongside United States dollar banknotes and coins, which had been introduced in 2000 to replace the Indonesian rupiah following the commencement of U.N. administration. One centavo is equal to one US cent. Coins issued for general circulation are in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 centavos and feature images of local plants and animals. East Timor does not yet issue its own banknotes.

East Timor centavo coins
Centavo de Timor-Leste (Portuguese)
Doit Timór-Leste nian (Tetum)
Coin TL 10cent.PNG
Current Circulating Coins. The 10 centavos coin is larger than the U.S. dime.
Banknotesnot yet issued 1
Coins1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 200 centavos
User(s) East Timor (alongside the U.S. dollar)
Central bankEast Timor
Pegged withUnited States dollar (at 1:100 ratio)
1 East Timor now uses U.S. dollar notes.

The coins are minted in Lisbon by the Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda, the Portuguese national mint. Unlike coins issued for the Panamanian balboa or the Ecuadorian centavo, these coins are not identical in size to their U.S. cent counterparts.

East Timor centavo coins[1][2]
Image Value Technical parameters Description
Reverse Obverse Diameter Composition Weight Reverse Obverse
Coin TL 01cent.PNG 1 centavo 17 mm Nickel coated steel 3.1 g Nautilus shell, state title, year of emission Value, word centavo or centavos, kaibauk representation below value, tais pattern along border
Coin TL 05cent.PNG 5 centavos 18.75 mm 4.1 g Rice plant, state title, year of emission
Coin TL 10cent.PNG 10 centavos 20.75 mm 5.2 g Fighting rooster, state title, year of emission
Coin TL 25cent.PNG 25 centavos 21.25 mm Nickel-brass 5.85 g Traditional fishing boat (beiro), state title, year of emission
Coins 50 Cent Timor-Leste.png 50 centavos 25 mm 6.5 g Coffee beans, state title, year of emission
Coins 100 Cent Timor-Leste.png 100 centavos 23.75 mm Nickel-brass ring with a cupronickel center plug 7.25 g Boaventura de Manufahi; state title, year of emission
200centavostl.jpg 200 centavos 25.5 mm Cupronickel ring with a brass center plug 8.46 g Buffalo in rice paddy with Matebian background; state title, year of emission

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