HM Prison East Sutton Park

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HM Prison East Sutton Park is a women's open prison and young offender's institute located in the Parish of East Sutton (near Maidstone), in Kent, England. The prison is operated by Her Majesty's Prison Service.

HMP East Sutton Park
LocationEast Sutton, Kent
Security classAdult Females/Young Offenders
Population100 (as of January 2007)
Managed byHM Prison Services
GovernorNatasha Wilson
WebsiteEast Sutton Park at


East Sutton Park Prison is based in and around an Elizabethan brick house, East Sutton Park, dating from 1570[1] and overlooking the Weald of Kent. The building was requisitioned at the start of World War II, first opened as a borstal in 1946, then was re-registered to take juvenile and adult females some years later.

In 2001 East Sutton Park was praised by the Director General of the Prison Service for its caring regime and humane standards of treatment for prisoners.[2]

However, in a report by Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Prisons in 2003, East Sutton Park was criticised for not focusing enough on resettlement of prisoners and also for having a "disrespectful culture", including failing to issue proper toiletries and only offering plain glass shower cubicles which did not afford privacy to the inmates.[3] According to the report, inmates were also subject to such unnecessary rules as "not being able to walk across the main hall, having to use plastic cutlery and fixed bed times."[3]

The management of East Sutton Park Prison amalgamated with that of Blantyre House Prison in 2007.

The prison todayEdit

Accommodation at the prison is divided into 21 dormitories of varying sizes. Work at the prison for inmates includes farming, gardening, and catering. East Sutton Park also offers training courses and physical education. The prison plans to place 50 prisoners for employment in the community and has currently placed 25.

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