The East Asian Games was a multi-sport event organised by the East Asian Games Association (EAGA) and held every four years from 1993 to 2013 among athletes from East Asian countries and territories of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), as well as the Pacific island of Guam, which is a member of the Oceania National Olympic Committees.

East Asian Games
First event1993 East Asian Games in Shanghai, China
Occur every4 years
Last event2013 East Asian Games in Tianjin, China
PurposeMulti sport event for nations on the Asian continent

The East Asian Games was 1 of 5 Regional Games of the OCA. The others were the Central Asian Games, the South Asian Games, the Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games), and the West Asian Games.[1]

It ended in the 2013 tournament. Instead, the East Asian Youth Games had a plan to start in Taichung, Taiwan, in 2019 but failed.

The Olympic Council of Asia plans to revive the East Asian Games, after the failure of the 2019 East Asian Youth Games by the referendum.

Participating nationsEdit

All 8 countries whose National Olympic Committee is recognized by the East Asian Games Association and 1 country whose National Olympic Committee is recognized by the Oceania National Olympic Committees.

1Associate member

Kazakhstan is a former member of the EAGA.[2] It now participates in the Central Asian Games.

List of East Asian GamesEdit

Edition Year Host City Host Nation Opened by Start Date End Date Nations Competitors Sports Events Top Placed Team
I 1993 Shanghai   China President Jiang Zemin 9 May 18 May 8 1,021 12 170   China (CHN)
II 1997 Busan   South Korea President Kim Young-sam 10 May 19 May 10 1,283 13 199   China (CHN)
III 2001 Osaka   Japan Prince Takamado 19 May 27 May 10 2,804 15 201   China (CHN)
IV 2005 Macau   Macau Vice Premier Wu Yi 29 October 6 November 9 1,919 17 235   China (CHN)
V 2009 Hong Kong   Hong Kong State Councilor Liu Yandong 5 December 13 December 9 2,377 22 262   China (CHN)
VI 2013 Tianjin   China Vice Premier Liu Yandong 6 October 15 October 9 2,422 24 254   China (CHN)

Medal countEdit

Of the 10 National Olympic Committees participating throughout the history of the Games, all nations have won at least a single medal in the competition. 9 nations have won at least a single gold medal, while China became the only nation in history to emerge as overall champion.

1  China (CHN)6263962851307
2  Japan (JPN)2883263951009
3  South Korea (KOR)209256321786
4  Chinese Taipei (TPE)57139188384
5  Hong Kong (HKG)4354105202
6  Kazakhstan (KAZ)373048115
7  North Korea (PRK)305077157
8  Macau (MAC)233053106
9  Mongolia (MGL)51482101
10  Guam (GUM)0145
Totals (10 nations)1318129615584172

1Former member


Thirty sports were presented in East Asian Games history, including 2013 Games in Tianjin.

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