EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a data recovery program that utilizes a Wizard (software) user interface to guide users through the data recovery process.[1] There are free[2] and paid versions of the software on both Windows and macOS.[3]

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Logo.png
Screenshot from EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 12.0 running on Windows
Screenshot from EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 12.0 running on Windows
Initial release1 October 2005; 14 years ago (2005-10-01)
Stable release
Windows 12.0 / 24 April 2018

Mac 11.2 / 8 May 2018

Operating systemWindows and macOS
Available in20 (10 for macOS version) languages
TypeData recovery software
LicenseFree and Paid versions

Recovery processEdit

When data is deleted from storage devices, the references to the data are removed from the directory structure. The space can then be used, or overwritten, with data from other files or computer functions. The deleted data itself is not immediately removed from the physical drive and often exists as a number of disconnected fragments. This data, so long as it is not overwritten, can be recovered.

The software scans disks in two different ways, run in succession, to look for lost data: first based on the file directory and the second based on the storage content. The first method scans the file directory and recovers simply deleted or Recycle Bin emptied data, where the file record and associated data content are still intact. The second method searches sector-by-sector through the storage content to recreate files from the data field. This second method takes a much longer time, and does not retain the original file names or folder structure.[4] The discovered data can be filtered to search for particular files, and users may preview files before recovering.

Bootable media can be created, with a USB drive or external drive, to recover data when the OS fails to boot. This utility can only be used to recover data once the computer starts.


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