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Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

Earth Surface Processes and Landforms is the journal of the British Society for Geomorphology (BSG), formerly the British Geomorphological Research Group (BGRG) and is an international journal of geomorphology, publishing on all aspects of Earth Surface Science. The journal was founded in 1976 as Earth Surface Processes and obtained its present name in 1981.[1] The Journal primarily publishes original research papers that will have a sustained impact upon geomorphological science and cognate disciplines. It also publishes Earth Surface Exchanges which include commentaries on issues of particular geomorphological interest, discussions of published papers, shorter journal articles suitable for rapid publication and specially-commissioned reviews on key aspects of geomorphological science. Foci include the physical geography of rivers, valleys, glaciers, mountains, hills, slopes, coasts, deserts, and estuary environments, along with research into Holocene, Pleistocene, or Quaternary science.

Earth Surface Processes and Landforms  
Discipline Geology, geomorphology, hydrology, soil science, earth sciences
Language English
Edited by Professor Stuart Lane
Publication details
Publication history
Frequency 14/year
Standard abbreviations
Earth Surf. Process. Landf.
ISSN 0197-9337


Aims and scopeEdit

Earth Surface Processes and Landforms is an interdisciplinary international journal concerned with:

  • the interactions between surface processes and landforms and landscapes; that led to
  • physical, chemical and biological changes; and which in turn create
  • current landscapes and the geological record of past landscapes.

Its focus is core to both physical geographical and geological communities, and also the wider geosciences.

Editorial boardEdit

The managing editor of Earth Surface Processes and Landforms is Professor Stuart Lane (University of Lausanne, Switzerland).

Associate Editors: Professor Joanna Bullard (Loughborough University, UK), Professor Mike Kirkby (University of Leeds, UK), Dr Oliver Korup (Potsdam University, Germany), Associate Professor Joshua Roering (University of Oregon, USA) and Professor Ellen Wohl (Colorado State University, USA), together with an international Editorial Board.

Impact factorEdit

The impact factor for 2011 increased to 2.432.

Virtual special issuesEdit

Virtual Special Issues are collections of papers that have been solicited and managed by Guest Editors of the journal. These were previously published in print form but, since 2009, the Special Issues are on-line only. This allows Earth Surface Processes and Landforms to publish Special Issue manuscripts in a timely fashion, not held back by the slowest paper in review, and then to bring the Special Issue together on-line once all papers are published. Some recent examples include:

  • Quantifying rates and processes of landscape evolutions (Nov 2011). Guest Editors: Arjun M. Heimsath and Oliver Korup.
  • The megadeltas of Asia: Interlinkage of land and sea and human development (Jul 2011). Guest Editors: Zhongyuan Chen and Yoshiki Saito.
  • River meander dynamics (Jul 2011). Guest Editors: J. M. Hooke, E. Gautier and G. Zolezzi.
  • Remote sensing of rivers (May 2011). Guest Editors: W. Andrew Marcus and Mark A. Fonstad.
  • New developments in process understanding and modelling in geomorphology (Dec 2010). Guest Editors: Damian Lawler and Michael Fairchild.

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