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Eadwulf Cudel or Cutel (meaning cuttlefish[1]) (died early 1020s) was Earl of Bernicia (or Bamburgh) in the early eleventh century. Following the destruction of the kingdom of Northumbria by the Vikings in 867, they established the Kingdom of York in southern Northumbria, but English rulers held on in the north, the former kingdom of Bernicia, from their base at Bamburgh. They were variously described as earls or ealdormen or high-reeves, and their independence from the kings of England and Scotland is uncertain. Uhtred the Bold and Eadwulf Cudel were sons of Waltheof, earl of Bamburgh, who died in 1006. He was succeeded by Uhtred, who was appointed by Æthelred the Unready as earl of the whole of Northumbria. Uhtred was murdered in 1016, and king Cnut then appointed Erik, son of Hakon, earl at York, while Eadwulf succeeded at Bamburgh.[2]

In 1018, the Northumbrians were defeated by Malcolm II of Scotland in the Battle of Carham.[3] According to Symeon of Durham, who described Ealdulf as "a very lazy and cowardly man", he ceded Lothian, the northern part of Bernicia, to the Scots, but Lothian had probably passed under Scottish control in the tenth century. Eadwulf died in the early 1020s, and was succeeded by Uhtred's son, Ealdred.[4][5]


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