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Renew is a European four-year project (2004–07) to prove different concepts of fuel production from biomass. Established and funded by the European Unions Sixth Framework Programme in January 2004, the Renew consortium consisted of 33 partners from 9 European countries. More than half of the partners are industrial enterprises, remaining are research and development institutes, with the special expertise needed to perform the individual R&D tasks.

The project divided into six sub-projects, four of which were dedicated to the optimisation and analysis of the fuel production process and production routes for biofuels from lignocellulosic feedstock, also known as second generation biofuel.


Automotive industryEdit

R&D institutes and universitiesEdit

Fuel distributionEdit

Plant engineering and constructionEdit

Plant operatorEdit

Agriculture and forestry biomass researchEdit

  • EC BREC/CLN (EC Baltic Renewable Energy Centre), Warsaw, Poland
  • STFI (now Innventia), Stockholm, Sweden
  • National University of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland




  • Product optimization of BTL production
  • Process optimization of BTL production
  • Black liquor to DME/methanol
  • Optimization of Bioethanol production
  • Biofuel Assessment
  • Training

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