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IBM eServer was a family of computer servers from IBM Corporation. Announced in the year 2000, it combined the various IBM server brands (AS/400, Netfinity, RS/6000, S/390) under one brand. The various sub-brands were at the same time rebranded from:

  • IBM AS/400 to IBM eServer iSeries, i for Integrated.
  • IBM RS/6000 to IBM eServer pSeries, p for POWER
  • IBM Netfinity to IBM eServer xSeries, x for eXtended architecture (with respect to "commodity" Intel-based servers)
  • IBM S/390 to IBM eServer zSeries, z for Zero downtime
IBM eServer
Ibm eserver.jpg
IBM xSeries 336.jpg
IBM xSeries 336 servers
DeveloperIBM (2000–2006)
TypeDesktop server or
Rack-mounted server
Release date2000

In 2005 announced a new brand, IBM System as an umbrella for all IBM server and storage brands. The name change was finished in 2006 when the IBM xSeries became the IBM System x then Lenovo System x.

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