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Creative Vault AB formerly known as EPOS Game Studios (stands for 'Entertainment Products of Sweden'[1] is an independent video game developer founded by Swedish Digital Illusions co-founders Staffan Langin and Olof Gustafsson in the summer of 2005.[2] The company is not to be confused with the arcade coin-up developer, EPOS Corporation (1982-1985). In 2012, just three years after the company's first official release, co-founder Olof Gustafsson left EPOS. After this, the company, led by Staffan Langin, would go on to develop many more reputable titles under a new name: Creative Vault Studios.

Creative Vault AB
Entertainment Products of Sweden AB (EPOS Game Studios)
IndustryVideo game industry
FoundersStaffan Langin, Olof Gustafsson
HeadquartersGothenburg, Sweden
Key people
Staffan Langin

Company historyEdit

Creative Vault Studios was founded in 2005 as an independent video game developer with a desire to develop for multiple platforms. Its initial game, an online shooter called Crash Commando for the PlayStation 3's PlayStation Network, was released on December 18, 2008, and received critical success. Crash Commando is a side-scrolling shooter game. Multiplayer is a big focal point of Crash Commando, though it can be played with bots. The game was praised for its design choice of tunnel passageways where you can see other players in combat. The movement and mobility in the game were well received. Crash Commando equipped characters and vehicles with jetpacks allowing them to move freely throughout the environment. [3] Crash Commando was also heavily praised for its level design. The game includes high detailed maps with certain vantage points and cover areas. Crash Commando also has customization options giving the players specific roles if needed. [4] Crash Commando was criticized for its lack of multiplayer modes [5] and for its single-player not being as exciting as the multiplayer. [6] Crash Commando currently holds a Metacritic score of 78.

In 2016, Creative Vault Studios collaborated with Sony Interactive Entertainment on Hustle Kings VR for the PlayStation 4. On October 10, 2016 Hustle Kings VR was released to mixed reviews. [7] Hustle Kings VR is a virtual reality port of the pool videogame Hustle Kings. [8] Hustle Kings VR was praised for being a good pool simulation game, [9] and its immersion. The player is allowed to lean over balls in order to find the best angles.[10] However, the game was heavily criticized for its complicated control scheme. [11] Hustle Kings VR holds a Metacritic score of 52.[12]

WipEout Omega CollectionEdit

In 2016, Creative Vault Studios collaborated with Sony XDev and Clever Beans in order to co-develop WipEout Omega Collection.[13] It was released on June 6, 2017, to positive reviews. [14] WipEout Omega Collection is a remastered collection of the futuristic racing games WipEout 2048 and WipEout HD.

WipEout Omega collection won favor with critics for its modern appearance and excellent graphical performance, both on the PlayStation4 and the higher-end PS4 Pro. WipEout Omega collection won favor with critics for its modern appearance and excellent graphical performance, both on the PlayStation4 and the higher-end PS4 Pro. Rather than relying on dynamic resolution, the visuals are consistently rendered at a native 1080p on the PlayStation 4, and 4K on the Pro model.

Crucially, the game runs at 60 frames per second on both consoles, fixing an issue with the original release of WipEout HD, that would occasionally drop the frame rate to 45fps. WipEout Omega Collection is, in fact, one of very few PS4 titles which run at 60fps in a high-quality 4x8 EQAA graphics mode.[15] Loading times from the WipEout HD were also reduced. [16] WipEout Omega Collection holds a solid 60fps even when processing two environments in the two-player split-screen mode.

Creative Vault Studios and its partners outfitted WipEout Omega Collection with new hi-res textures and geometry, more striking colors, and added completely new effects like heat haze, and bloom. The result was a consistently sharp image quality even in a fully populated race with multiple weapon effects firing. For those with compatible monitors, HDR could be enabled for more vivid color contrast.

WipEout 2048 on the Omega Collection benefits from the most significant improvements over its original PlayStation Vita release. Digital Foundry highlighted the dramatic transition from the 5-inch handheld screen to the PS4 Pro’s 4K output – not just higher resolution textures but global lighting and improved shadows, as well as sustaining the 60fps frame rate when the original Vita version, which could drop to as low as 20fps and display screen tearing.[17]

WipEout Omega Collection was celebrated for its large amount content included; the collection contains over 26 tracks, 46 ships, and 9 game modes.[18] However, the collection was also criticized for its lack of entirely new content. [19] WipEout Omega Collection is Creative Vault Studios' most critically successful game to date with a Metacritic score of 85.[20]

WipEout Omega Collection VREdit

In 2018 Creative Vault Studios released WipEout Omega Collection VR', a free upgrade to WipEout Omega Collection for use with the PSVR. More than a simple port of the WipEout Omega Collection, the VR release contains all of the content included in the original collection but adds many additional features specifically designed to enhance the game experience in virtual reality.

WipEout Omega Collection VR was praised for faithfully representing the graphical quality and level of detail of the non-VR version on PSVR without any compromises. The PS4 Pro delivers a super-sampled 1620p resolution, while the PlayStation 4 displays at an only slightly less smooth 1512p. Some visual aspects were tweaked however, with motion blur being removed and the lighting being more subdued in an effort to make a more presentable close up viewing experience on the PSVR’s OLED panels.

WipEout Omega collection VR also allowed players a more immersive cockpit view, giving the Wipeout pilots the opportunity to see their craft from the inside for the first time. The standard WipEout chase cam views are also still available for use in VR with the HUD expanded out to the sides. In addition, in-game warnings are issued for motion sickness in the case of the riskiest courses and maneuvers, with auto-pilot assistance for the trickiest bumps and turns.

Digital Foundry Richard Leadbetter praised the technical achievements of WipEout Omega collection VR, calling it ‘a zero compromise, enhanced VR port of one of the very best remasters available for PlayStation 4,’[21] and lauded the fact that the VR version came as a completely free update to the base product, adding value to the original product.

List of games developedEdit

Year Title Co-Developer Platform Genre
2008 Crash Commando PlayStation 3 Shooting
2015 Hustle Kings Sony Interactive Entertainment PlayStation 3 Sports Simulation
2016 Hustle Kings VR Sony Interactive Entertainment PlayStation 4 Sports Simulation
2017 WipEout Omega Collection Sony XDev
Clever Beans
PlayStation 4 Racing
2018 WipEout Omega Collection VR PSVR Racing


Crash CommandoEdit

Publication Score
Metacritic 78/100 [22]
Game Chronicles 8.8/10 [23]
GameSpot 8/10 [24]
IGN 8.5/10 [25]

The multiplayer shooter gameplay of Crash Commando has been praised heartily by fans of the genre as some of the best in its class, netting an aggregated Metacritic score of 78. Described as "an extremely addictive experience," [22] Crash Commando is almost universally agreed upon as one of the best shooters that the PS3 has to offer. The balance between loadouts and findable weapons and ammunition is regarded as one of the most comfortably diverse and well-rounded arsenals in the genre.

In addition to the array of weapons included in Crash Commando, one of the most popular elements of the gameplay is player movement. To contrast the common 'run and jump across the map,' gameplay of most multiplayer shooters, every player in Crash Commando, always has a jetpack. This aspect of Crash Commando's gameplay has been frequently praised as both unique and fun.

Finally, the aesthetic design of Crash Commando is much loved by players of the game. The various multiplayer maps that Crash Commando has to offer have been described as "lushly colored," and "expressively detailed." [24] All told, Crash Commando has proven to be one of the most well-received multiplayer shooters available on the PS3 platform.

Hustle KingsEdit

Publication Score
Metacritic 81/100 [26]
Destructoid 8/10 [27]
GamePlanet 8/10 [28]

While the genre isn't for everyone, Hustle Kings is a popular choice among pool simulation players. The graphics, camera angles and textures have been praised as some of the best in their class.[28] Each environment and table design within the game are all thought to be uniquely well-rendered and animated.

Perhaps more importantly, the physics of Hustle Kings are said to be extremely accurate, making the game a satisfying overall simulation of a real pool table.[27] Unlike certain other pool simulators, which are often said to be too easy, Hustle Kings comes with a learning curve similar to that of the sport which inspired its genre.

Finally, the music of Hustle Kings has received consistent praise for both its quality and its diversity. A solid soundtrack is key when solidifying the atmosphere of a sports simulator experience, and Hustle Kings has been said to do this better than most.[28] In all, every aspect of Hustle Kings comes together to earn the game an aggregated Metacritic score of 81.[26]

Hustle Kings VREdit

Publication Score
Metacritic 52/100 [29]
GamePlanet 6/10 [30]
ImpulseGamer 2.8/5 [31]

Hustle Kings VR has been criticized for the lack of depth in its visual design (making for a less-than-stunning VR experience), as well as its gameplay. The latter of these is due in part to the fact that pool simulator games are generally thought to be difficult to pull off and make exciting. [29]

Most players seem to think that Hustle Kings VR is too easy, falling short of the difficulty and depth of a real game of pool. While hardcore fans of simulator games find Hustle Kings VR to be a wholly enjoyable experience, those who are not devoted to the genre (and who are players of pool) fail to see the appeal. The somewhat harsh reception of the title can, somewhat, be attributed to a general lack of affection for the entire genre from the average gamer.

WipEout Omega CollectionEdit

Publication Score
Metacritic 85/100 [32]
Destructoid 8.5/10 [33]
Game Over Online 95/100 [34]
GameSpot 9/10 [35]
GamesRadar 4.5/5 [36]
ImpulseGamer 4.5/5 [37]

Since its release, WipEout Omega Collection has received ecstatic acclaim from fans of the original titles and newcomers alike. The collection currently stands at an aggregated Metacritic score of 85, [32] based on reviews by over 50 critics, receiving only one mixed review and zero negative reviews; the rest are purely positive.

The near-unanimous praise that this collection has received can be mostly attributed to the "gorgeous," remastering work. Fans seem to be aware that the original WipEout titles could have easily been ported onto the PS4. Rather than jump at the opportunity for a simple cash-grab, developers took on the task of updating the originals entirely, with incredible results. Frequently touted as some of the most beautiful remastering work of the current console generation, the updated graphics and mechanics of WipEout Omega Collection have garnered nothing but love from fans of the series.

In addition to the visual and gameplay updates, the soundtrack, navigation and overall atmosphere of WipEout Omega Collection have all been subject to general acclamation. The only common complaint from fans and newcomers alike is the desire for more content. [32]

WipEout Omega Collection VREdit

Publication Score
Metacritic 7.3/10 [38]
Metro GameCentral 9/10 [39]

WipEout Omega Collection was praised as a visually stunning and exhilarating experience prior to receiving its VR update.[32] When Creative Vault Studios released WipEout Omega Collection VR as a free update for the original title, further packed with additional features, players of the game were thrilled. The experience offered by WipEout Omega Collection VR has been said to show even the most jaded of players a good time, and has been said to be just what the PSVR needed.[39]


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