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Hazara Motorway

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Under Construction at Mansehra

Hazara Motorway or M-15 (Hindko/Urdu: ہزارہ موٹروے‎, Pashto: د هزاره موٹروے‎), formerly referred to as E35 Expressway or Hazara Expressway is a planned 180 kilometer controlled-access motorway linking the Burhan Interchange near Hasan Abdal in Punjab province with Haripur, Havelian, Abbottabad, Mansehra, Shinkiari, Battagram, and Thakot in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Pakistan Motorway Hazara Motorway.png

M– Motorway
Hazara Motorway
ہزارہ موٹروے
Route information
Maintained by National Highway Authority
Length180 km[1] (110 mi)
Major junctions
North endThakot
South endHasan Abdal
Major citiesBattagram
Highway system
Roads in Pakistan

The project is divided into 7 packages; the first four (from Burhan to Mansehra) are already completed and were inaugurated on 27 December 2017 & 18 November 2019. The motorway is not being financed by the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, but will instead be financed by the Asian Development Bank,[2] along with a 10.021 billion (US$71 million) grant from the United Kingdom.[3]

Syed Zaheer ul Islam (Commissioner Hazara Division) briefed about 118.32 kilometers long Havelian to Thakot CPEC project and its progress, He said that 78.78 percent work has been completed on Mansehra to Thakot section. The remaining section from Mansehra to Thakot of project would likely to be completed by end of February 2020.

The motorway starts from Havelian, passes through Abbottabad, Mansehra and Shinkiari, and ends at Thakot. The motorway has five tunnels two at Abbottabad and one each at Battal, Karmong and Mansehra. Upto Mansehra, its 39 km portion will have six-lane controlled access portion while the remaining 79 km would be four lane road


The 180 km long, motorway is 6 lane till Mansehra after it is 2 Lane, The route begins at its southernmost extent - the Burhan Interchange, located to the west of Hasan Abdal near the village of Koliya on the banks of the Haro River in northern Punjab province on M1 Motorway. The route tracks northeast, and crosses the Haro River. The Jharikass Interchange will be located immediately east of the river, where the motorway will intersect with the N-35 National Highway at Tareen Abad bus stop, further eastwards is Hattar Industrial Area and on West is the Village Char. The motorway will continue eastwards, where it will connect to Haripur Road via the Hattar Interchange near the town of Kot Najibullah. From there it will continue towards east to N-125 National Highway, which it will connect via the Chechiyan Interchange, 6 miles south of Haripur - thus serving as a bypass and alternative route to the N-35 National Highway which courses directly through the city of Haripur. The motorway will further continue eastwards for 2 miles before turning northeast towards the town of Shah Maqsood, where the Shah Maqsood Interchange will connect the motorway, for a second time, with the N-35 National Highway. From there the highway will run roughly parallel to the N-35 National Highway as it travels northeast towards the city of Havelian. At the confluence of the Dor River and the Salhad Nalah, the Havelian Interchange will connect the motorway with the N-35 National Highway for direct access to Havelian. The next phase will extend the motorwayfurther north to Abbottabad via the 1.7 km Shimla tunnel and will continue on to Manshera, Battagram and terminate at Thakot to rejoin the N-35.

Hasan Abdal-Shah Maqsood OpeningEdit

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif inaugurated the construction of the project on November 29, 2014.[4][5][6] The first phase of the project would cost PKR 33 billion and will include the 60-kilometre-long (37 mi), six-lane, fenced portion of the motorway from Hasan Abdal to Havelian.[7][8] Packages one and two comprising a 39.61 stretch of road between Burhan and Serai Saleh were awarded to the Chinese firm Gezhouba Group.[9] Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi inaugurated the 47-kilometre stretch from Burhan-Shah Maqsood Interchange to Havelian on 27 December 2017. The Prime Minister unveiled the plaque at Lora Chowk interchange, located 13 kilometres from Haripur.[10]

The initial 47-km section from Burhan (M-1) to Shah Maqsood interchange was opened for traffic in December 2017.

Shah Maqsood-Mansehra inaugurated on Nov 18 2019Edit

Hazara Expressway, the 40 kilometer long Shah Maqsood to Mansehra section inaugurated on 18 Nov 2019 by Prime Minister Imran Khan, would be a milestone for economy. The second phase of the project would be concluded in 2020, this was stated by General Manager CPEC Tanveer Ishaq while briefing Commissioner Hazara Syed Zaheer ul islam and a delegation during their visit to Hazara Expressway at Havelian camp office.

General Manager National Highways Authority (NHA) Matee Ullah was also present on the occasion.Addressing the participants, the commissioner said CPEC was a gateway of opportunities for Pakistan, and the construction of E-35 project with a cost of 131 million Dollars in the division was a huge success for Pakistan.

This unprecedented project would be a game-changer for our future and would also provide massive relief to the masses of the region, he added.GM National Highways Authority (NHA) Matee Ullah while briefing the media delegation about the Karakoram Highway (KKH) widening project from Muslim Abad to Abbottabad Public school said it would be completed with a cost of Rs 9.9 billion which includes over bridges, 4 turns, sewerage alongside the KKH and shifting of utility services.

General Manager CPEC Tanveer Ishaq informed the media delegation that Havelian to Thakot Hazara motorway the section was divided into three sections which included 47 bridges, 6 tunnels and service areas, Abbottabad Shimla Hill tunnel 1.75 Kilometer, 2nd tunnel 390 meters, Mansehra Lassan Nawab tunnel 2.75 kilometer have been completed.

Shah Maqsood-Mansehra Inauguration Ceremony held on Nov 18 2019Edit

Prime Minister Imran Khan says China Pakistan Economic Corridor has become a whole encompassing project to play a key role in development of Pakistan.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony of Havelian-Mansehra Section of Hazara Motorway on Monday, he said CPEC is not the name of a road; rather it is a new vision for development. Imran Khan said the government is working hard to transform the economic situation of the country. He said we have waived off the duty on all hospital equipment and machinery to encourage investments into hospitals and healthcare. He said Health Insaaf Cards provided by the government will help the poor receive quality medical care free of cost. Imran Khan said the housing project started by government will facilitate forty allied industries, creating a number of employment opportunities. He said five million houses will be constructed in five years' tenure of the incumbent government.

The Prime Minister said he will not be pressured by blackmailing of opposition parties. Imran Khan challenged his political opponents that he will not spare even a single person that plundered the wealth of the nation.

Addressing the ceremony, Communication Minister Murad Saeed said the western route of CPEC will also be completed soon.He said the construction of 300 kilometers long road will begin in February next year.He said training program has been initiated in NHA and Communication Ministry according to the vision of Prime Minster and 45,000 youth will be trained under the program.

The project is a high-level, high-grade and subsequent development of Karakorum Highway and is a Core section of CPEC and an important part of North-South Trunk Road Network. The expressway consists of two sections. The first section is from Havelian to North-Abbottabad with length of 27.425 km and while the second section starts from North-Abbottabad to end at Mansehra with length of 11.880 Km.

There are 3 interchanges, 47 bridges, 12 Flyover, 143 underpasses, 2 tunnels and 4 toll stations on this section of motorway.

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