Dzūkija National Park

Dzūkija National Park - a national park in Dzūkija, Lithuania, was established in 1991 in order to preserve the pine forests, the landscape, and the villages of the region. The area encompasses 584.53 square kilometers on the banks of the Nemunas River.[1]

Dzūkija National Park
Cepkeliu swamps.jpg
Čepkeliai marsh in Dzūkija National Park
Map showing the location of Dzūkija National Park
Map showing the location of Dzūkija National Park
Dzūkija National Park
Nearest cityVarėna
Coordinates54°04′55″N 24°22′36″E / 54.08194°N 24.37667°E / 54.08194; 24.37667Coordinates: 54°04′55″N 24°22′36″E / 54.08194°N 24.37667°E / 54.08194; 24.37667
Area584.53 km2 (225.69 sq mi)

The park is the largest protected area in Lithuania. It belongs to both the Association of Baltic National Parks and the Federation of European National Parks.[2]


The park enjoys a more continental climate than other parts of the country. Its most distinctive landscapes are the mainland dune massifs located in Marcinkonys, Lynežeris, Grybaulia, and Šunupis.


Nemunas near Merkinė

The administrative center of the park is in Marcinkonys and the other important town is Merkinė. The ethnographic village of Zervynos can be found within the park.

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