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Physical culture and sports association "Dynamo" - Ukraine (Ukrainian: ФСТ «Динамо» України, transliteration: FST "Dynamo" Ukrayiny) or Dynamo - Ukraine (Ukrainian: Динамо Україна) is a sports club that was established in the Soviet Union as part of the Soviet sports society "Dynamo". It was created on October 31, 1924 in Kharkiv. Since that time the sports club stays as one of the best clubs in Ukraine after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Among the six existing sports association in Ukraine, Dynamo can be considered the leading. At the 2012 Summer Olympics out of 245 sports people of Ukraine, 125 represented Dynamo. Eighty two sports people represented law enforcement agencies. Forty one out 125 athletes were from the city of Kiev and Donetsk Oblast. Dynamo's members were honorary national banner carriers for opening and closing ceremonies.


The association was established at the constituent conference of delegates from law enforcement agency, state security, border protection and internal troops that took place in Kharkiv on October 31, 1924. Initially Dynamo Kharkiv was sponsored by the Kharkiv factory "Serp i Molot" (Sickle and Mallet) that was recently nationalized and renamed from Gelferikh-Sade (Russian: Гельферих-Саде). The headquarters of the FST Dynamo became the Illich club at vulytsia Radnarkomivska.

The Kiev club of Dynamo was initially sponsored by the Bolshevik factory (former - "Greter and Krivanek"). On December 11, 1926 there was established Dynamo Vinnytsia.

During years of independence from 1994 to 2010, 455 sports people represented Dynamo at Olympics and earned 63 different medals (18 gold, 18 silver, 27 bronze). In overall since 1952 the association was represented by 608 athletes 142 of which earned 164 medals (49 gold, 49 silver 66 bronze).

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