Dutch Birding is an ornithological magazine published by the Dutch Birding Association. Its editor is Arnoud van den Berg. It was first published in 1979.[1]

Dutch Birding
PublisherDutch Birding Association
Year founded1979
LanguageEnglish, Dutch

The magazine has English and Dutch editions.[1] It has included the article series Trends in Systematics, mostly authored by George Sangster, which presented and interpreted the results of research findings on taxonomic issues surrounding Western Palearctic birds.

Several issues of Dutch Birding have been dedicated to specific themes. These include an issue focussing on the identification of Western Palearctic swifts, one on Nearctic gulls in Europe, one on the isabelline shrike complex, and one on crossbill calls. Volume 25 no 1 contained four papers on pine buntings.

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