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Durgapura railway station is a railway station on the North Western Railways network in the state of Rajasthan, India. It is located approximately 8 km from Jaipur railway station.[1]

Indian Railway Station
Durgapura Station.JPG
LocationJaipur, Rajasthan
Coordinates26°51′18″N 75°47′12″E / 26.8549°N 75.7867°E / 26.8549; 75.7867Coordinates: 26°51′18″N 75°47′12″E / 26.8549°N 75.7867°E / 26.8549; 75.7867
Elevation401.380 metres (1,316.86 ft)
Owned byMinistry of Railways, Indian Railways
Operated byNorth Western Railways
Structure typeStandard (on ground station)
Other information
Station codeDPA
Fare zoneNorth Western Railways

Various Trains PassingEdit

Some of the important trains that pass through Durgapura are :

Train No. Train Name Train Type
59802 FL Kota RTM Passenger Passenger
12396 Ziyarat Express[2] Superfast
59805 Jaipur-Bayana Passenger Passenger
18244 Bhagat Ki Kothi-Bilaspur Express Mail Express
18246 Bikaner-Bilaspur Express Mail Express
12940 Jaipur Pune SF Express Superfast
12978 Maru Sagar Express Superfast
12466 Intercity Express Superfast
08062 Jaipur Holiday Special
22934 Jaipur Bandra Terminus SF Express Superfast
12956 Jaipur Mumbai Central Superfast Superfast
14813 Jodhpur Bhopal Express Mail Express
12182 Ajmer-Jabalpur Dayodai Express Superfast
12970 Jaipur Coimbatore SF Express Superfast
12746 Jodhpur-Puri Express Superfast
12976 Jaipur Mysore SF Express Superfast
12968 Jaipur Chennai Express Superfast
18574 Bhagat Ki Kothi-Vishakapatnam Weekly Express Mail Express
12980 Jaipur Bandra Terminus SF Express Superfast
19713 Jaipur SC Express Mail Express
12974 Jaipur Indore Junction BG SF Express Superfast
18214 Jaipur - Durg Express Mail Express
18208 Ajmer - Durg Express Mail Express
18632 Ajmer Ranchi Garib Nawaz Express Mail Express
16863 Bhagat Ki Kothi-Mannargudi Weekly Express Mail Express
22632 Bikaner-Chennai Central Weekly Express Superfast
14709 Bikaner Puri Express Mail Express

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