Duraid Lahham

Duraid Lahham (Arabic: دريد لحام‎) is a leading Syrian comedian and director born 1934 in Damascus, Syria. He is famous for acting the role of "Ghawwar" in a number of movies and series. His co-star throughout his career was Nihad Qali who played the role of "Husni".

Duraid Lahham
دريد لحام
Duraid Lahham.jpg
Born (1934-01-27) January 27, 1934 (age 86)
Years active1958–present
Spouse(s)Hala Bitar


Lahham was born in the Shi'ite Hay al-Amin neighborhood of Damascus in 1934 to a Syrian father and a Lebanese mother from Machghara. He grew up in poverty and had to work at several odd jobs to earn a living. He later would recall these difficult days, saying that he used to buy used clothes, reserved for the poor in Syria, and barely made enough money to feed himself. He enrolled at the University of Damascus and studied chemistry. During his college years, he was active in a form of folklore Levantine dance called "dabke" and became obsessed with acting. When he completed his education, Lahham became an instructor at the Chemistry Department at the University. In the meanwhile, Lahham gave dancing classes and enhanced his relationship with the artistic community in Syria. When the Syrian Television was launched in 1960, Lahham was hired along with his friend Nihad Qali to act a series of short episodes called Damascus Evening or (Sahret Demashq)[1].

During the 1970s Lahham acted in several political plays which gained large popularity throughout the Arab World for its criticism of the situations taking place in the Arab world at that time.


From 1960 to 1976, Lahham and Qali formed a couple called "Duraid and Nihad" that was highly successful and famous among Arab audience. However, by 1976, Nihad had to retire as he suffered from an illness. From that on, Lahham started to write, act and direct his work [2].

Lahham's work was greatly influenced by the political events in the Arab World and this was reflected on the different plays he wrote and directed. This made Lahham's theater not only comedic but also political in nature [2].

UNICEF Goodwill AmbassadorEdit

Lahham was appointed UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador to the Middle East and North Africa region in 1999. In 2004, he visited districts of Southern Lebanon which had been liberated from Israeli occupation, and gave a speech at a press conference criticizing George W. Bush and Ariel Sharon, comparing them to Hitler. This caused Tel Aviv to protest Lahham's "undiplomatic language" to the UNICEF, which resulted in the UNICEF relieving him of his duties.[3]


Lahham received several medals in recognition of his contributions:



  • Khayat Al-Sayyidate
  • Allaz Al-Zareef
  • Al-Hudood (1984)
  • Al-Taqreer
  • Ghriam Fee Istanbul
  • Fendooq Al-Ahlam
  • Imber Atwareaya Ghawwar
  • Al-melyouneara
  • 'aqed Al-lu' lu'
  • Sah Al-Noum
  • Kafroun
  • Al-Muziafoun
  • Mesek wa 'ember (Meratee Melyouneara)
  • Samak Bala Hasak
  • Al-Sa'aleek
  • Imra'ah Taskoun Wahdaha
  • Laqa' Fee Tahmer
  • Al-Wardah Al-Hamra'
  • Al-Tha'lab
  • La'eb Al-Kura
  • Zogatee Min Al-Habiz
  • Al-Nasabeen Al-Thalatha
  • 'indama Ta'gheeb Al-Zowagat
  • Ana' 'antar
  • Wahid + Wahid
  • Al-Sadeeqan
  • Al-Shereadan
  • Ghawwar Jemis bounid
  • Muqalib Fee Al-Mekseek
  • Ramal Min Dheheb
  • Al-Rajel Al-Munasib
  • Al-Aba'a Al-Sighar
  • Celina (musical)
  • Damascus Aleppo (2019)


  • Ahlam Abu Al hana
  • Aaelati wa ana
  • Al Kherbeh
  • Hammam El-Hana
  • Sah Elnoum
  • Melh ou Sukar
  • Wayn El Ghalat
  • Al Doughri
  • Aoudat Ghawar
  • Maa'leb Ghawwar
  • Sanaoud Baad Kalil


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