Dumbreck F.C.

Dumbreck Football Club were a 19th-century football club based in Glasgow.

Full nameDumbreck Football Club
GroundMiddleton Park,[1] Ibroxhill


The club was formed out of the Dumbreck Cricket Club[2] and was one of the eight founder members of the Scottish Football Association.[3] In its first year of existence, the club was the opposition for Queen's Park on 25 October 1873 for the first match played at the first Hampden Park.[4]

Dumbreck entered Scottish Cup tournaments between 1873–74 and 1877–78, [5] the club's best run coming in 1875-76, when it reached the quarter-finals (last 7). The club was unlucky to draw the dominant Queen's Park and lost 2-0; the club protested after the match about one of the Queen's Park goals. One noteworthy factor was that the Dumbreck goalkeeper M'Geoch was a pioneer in drop-kicking the ball, rather than kicking it from dead, which was considered at the time to generate greater distance.[6]

Although the club was active in the Scottish FA committees until 1877, the club seems to disappear before the 1877-78 season; it withdrew from the Scottish Cup rather than face the new Shawfield club.[7][8] The club was definitely dissolved by 1879.[9]


Dumbreck played in blue shirts with white shorts, with scarlet stockings in 1873 and black and white stockings in 1874.[9][10]

Notable playersEdit

  • Alex M'Geoch (also spelled McGeoch), who represented Scotland on four occasions.[11]


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