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During its history as independent entity, Mantua had different rulers who governed on the city and the lands of Mantua from the Middle Ages to the early modern period.

Coat of arms of the House of Gonzaga, the ruling family of Mantua for most of its history.

From 970 to 1115, the Counts of Mantua were members of the House of Canossa. During its time as free commune and signoria ("lordship"), the Lords of Mantua were exponents of the Bonacolsi and Gonzaga families. From 1328, Mantua was informally led by Gonzagas until 1433, when Gianfrancesco Gonzaga assumed the noble title of Marquess of Mantua. In 1530, Federico II received the title of Duke of Mantua. In 1531, the family acquired the vacant Marquisate of Montferrat through marriage.

In 1627, Duke Vincent II deceased without heirs, ending the original line of Gonzagas. From 1628 to 1631, a succession war was fought between the Duke of Guastalla, supported by the Holy Roman Empire, and the Duke of Nevers, supported by France, for the control of the Duchy of Mantua. Finally, the Duke of Nevers was recognized as only Duke.

In 1708, Mantua was seized by the Habsburgs, ending Gonzaga rule. Montferrat's territories were ceded to the Duke of Savoy. The emperor compensated the Duke of Lorraine, heir in the female line of the Gonzaga, for the loss of Montferrat by ceding the Duchy of Teschen to the Lorraine. In 1745, Mantua was formally unified with the Duchy of Milan, until its dissolution in 1796.

Counts of Mantua (970–1115)Edit

House of CanossaEdit

Portrait Coat of Arms Name Reign Relationship with Predecessor(s) Marriage(s)
    Adalbert Atto 970 13 February 988  • Son of Sigifred of Lucca[1] Hildegard of Supponids
4 children
  Tebald 13 February 988 1007  • Son of Adalbert Atto Willa of Tuscany
2 children
  Boniface 1007 6 May 1052  • Son of Tebald (1) Richelida Giselbertiner

(2) Beatrice of Lorraine
3 children

  Matilda 6 May 1052 24 July 1115  • Daughter of Boniface (1) Godfrey of Lorraine

(2) Welf of Bavaria

Lords of Mantua (1272–1433)Edit

  Ghibellines   Guelphs

Portrait Coat of Arms Name Reign Relationship with Predecessor(s) Title
    Pinamonte dei Bonacolsi 28 July 1272 9 September 1291  • None Rector
  Bardellone dei Bonacolsi 9 September 1291 2 July 1299  • Son of Pinamonte Perpetual Rector
  Guido dei Bonacolsi 2 July 1299 21 January 1309  • Nephew of Bardellone General Captain
  Rinaldo dei Bonacolsi 21 January 1309 16 August 1328  • Brother of Guido General Captain
    Ludovico Gonzaga 16 August 1328 18 January 1360  • None; supported by Cangrande of Verona Captain of the People
  Guido Gonzaga 18 January 1360 22 September 1369  • Son of Ludovico Captain of the People
  Ludovico II Gonzaga 22 September 1369 4 October 1382  • Son of Guido Captain of the People
    Francesco Gonzaga 4 October 1382 7 March 1407  • Son of Ludovico II Captain of the People
  Gianfrancesco Gonzaga 7 March 1407 22 September 1433  • Son of Francesco Captain of the People

Marquesses of Mantua (1433–1530)Edit

House of GonzagaEdit

Portrait Coat of Arms Name Reign Relationship with Predecessor(s) Marriage(s)
    John Francis I
(Gianfrancesco I)
22 September 1433 25 September 1444  • Son of Francesco

 • Purchased the title from Emperor Sigismund

Paola Malatesta
6 children
  Louis III
(Ludovico III)
25 September 1444 11 June 1478  • Son of John Francis I Barbara of Brandenburg
11 children
  Frederick I
(Federico I)
11 June 1478 14 July 1484  • Son of Lewis III Margaret of Bavaria
6 children
  Francis II
(Francesco II)
14 July 1484 29 March 1519  • Son of Frederick I Isabella d'Este
9 children
  Frederick II
(Federico II)
29 March 1519 8 April 1530  • Son of Francis II Margaret Paleologa
7 children

Dukes of Mantua (1530–1708)Edit

House of GonzagaEdit

Portrait Coat of Arms Name Reign Relationship with Predecessor(s) Marriage(s)
    Frederick II
(Federico II)
8 April 1530 28 June 1540  • Son of Francis II

(Title obtained by Emperor Charles V)

Margaret Paleologa
7 children
  Francis III
(Francesco III)
28 June 1540 21 February 1550  • Son of Frederick II Catherine of Austria
21 February 1550 14 August 1587  • Son of Frederick II Eleanor of Austria
3 children
  Vincent I
(Vincenzo I)
14 August 1587 18 February 1612  • Son of William (1) Margherita Farnese (nullified)

(2) Eleanor de' Medici
6 children

  Francis IV
(Francesco IV)
18 February 1612 22 December 1612  • Son of Vincent I Margaret of Savoy
3 children
22 December 1612 29 October 1626  • Son of Vincent I

 • Brother of Francis IV

Catherine de' Medici
  Vincent II
(Vincenzo II)
29 October 1626 25 December 1627  • Son of Vincent I

 • Brother of Ferdinand and Francis IV

Isabella Gonzaga

House of Gonzaga-GuastallaEdit

Portrait Coat of Arms Name Reign Relationship with Predecessor(s) Marriage(s)
    Ferrand (contested)
25 December 1627 5 August 1630  • Great-grandson of Francis II

 • Recognized by Holy Roman Empire (until 1631)

Vittoria Doria
11 children

House of Gonzaga-NeversEdit

Portrait Coat of Arms Name Reign Relationship with Predecessor(s) Marriage(s)
    Charles I
(Carlo I)
17 January 1628 22 September 1637  • Grandson of Frederick II Catherine of Lorraine
6 children
  Charles II
(Carlo II)
22 September 1637 14 August 1665  • Grandson of Charles I Isabella Clara of Austria
1 children
  Ferdinand Charles
(Ferdinando Carlo)
14 August 1665 5 July 1708  • Son of Charles II (1) Anna Isabella Gonzaga

(2) Suzanne Henriette of Lorraine


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