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The title Duke of Queensberry was created in the Peerage of Scotland on 3 February 1684 along with the subsidiary title Marquess of Dumfriesshire for the 1st Marquess of Queensberry. The Dukedom was held along with the Marquessate of Queensberry until the death of the 4th Duke (and 5th Marquess) in 1810, when the Marquessate was inherited by Sir Charles Douglas of Kelhead, 5th Baronet, while the Dukedom was inherited by the 3rd Duke of Buccleuch. Since then the title of Duke of Queensberry has been held by the Dukes of Buccleuch.

Dukedom of Queensberry
held with
Dukedom of Buccleuch
Coronet of a British Duke.svg
Duke of Buccleuch arms.svg
Arms of the Dukes of Buccleuch, who have held the title of Duke of Queensberry since 1810
Creation date3 February 1684[1]
MonarchCharles II
PeeragePeerage of Scotland
First holderWilliam Douglas, 1st Marquess of Queensberry
Present holderRichard Scott, 12th Duke
Heir apparentWalter Scott, Earl of Dalkeith
Remainder tothe 2nd Duke's heirs of entail, male or female, descended from the body of the 1st Earl of Queensberry
Subsidiary titlesMarquess of Dumfriesshire
Earl of Drumlanrig and Sanquhar
Viscount of Nith, Tortholwald and Ross
Lord Douglas of Kilmount, Middlebie and Dornock
Seat(s)Bowhill House
Drumlanrig Castle
Dumfries and Galloway
Boughton House
Former seat(s)Dalkeith Palace
Montagu House
MottoQueensberry: Forward
Buccleuch: Amo ("I love")
Arms of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dukes of Queensberry.

In 1708 the 2nd Duke was created Duke of Dover (along with the subsidiary titles Marquess of Beverley and Baron Ripon) in the Peerage of Great Britain, but these titles became extinct upon the death of the 2nd Duke of Dover in 1778.

Several subsidiary titles are associated with the Dukedom of Queensberry, namely Marquess of Dumfriesshire (1683), Earl of Drumlanrig and Sanquhar (1682), Viscount of Nith, Tortholwald and Ross (1682) and Lord Douglas of Kilmount, Middlebie and Dornock (1682) (all in the Peerage of Scotland).

The seat of the Dukes is at Drumlanrig Castle, built by the 1st Duke of Queensberry.

Dukes of Queensberry (1684)Edit

Other titles: Marquess of Dumfriesshire, Earl of Drumlanrig and Sanquhar, Viscount of Nith, Torthorwald and Ross and Lord Douglas of Kilmount, Middlebie and Dornock (1684)
Other titles (1st to 4th Dukes): Marquess of Queensberry (1682), Earl of Queensberry (1633), Earl of Drumlanrig and Sanquhar (1682), Viscount of Drumlanrig (1628), Viscount of Nith, Torthorwald and Ross (1682), Lord Douglas of Hawick and Tibbers (1628) and Lord Douglas of Kilmount, Middlebie and Dornock (1682)
Other titles: Duke of Dover, Marquess of Beverley and Baron Ripon (1708)
Other titles (3rd Duke): Earl of Solway, Viscount Tibbers and Lord Douglas of Lockerby, Dalveen and Thornhill (1706)
Memorial to James Douglas, 2nd Duke of Queensberry, and Mary, his wife at Durisdeer.
Other titles (4th Duke): Earl of Ruglen (1697), Earl of March (1697), Viscount of Riccartoun (1697), Viscount of Peebles (1697), Lord Hillhouse (1697), Lord Douglas of Neidpath, Lyne and Munard (1697) and Baron Douglas, of Amesbury in the county of Wiltshire (GB, 1786)
Other titles (5th Duke onwards): Duke of Buccleuch (1663), Earl of Buccleuch (1619), Earl of Doncaster, in the county of York (En 1663, restored 1743), Earl of Dalkeith (1663), Lord Scott of Buccleuch (1606), Baron Scott of Whitchester and Eskdaill (1619), Baron Scott of Tindall, in the county of Northumberland (En 1663, restored 1743) and Lord Scott of Whitchester and Eskdale (1663)

Coat of armsEdit

Coat of arms of Duke of Buccleuch and Duke of Queensberry
A coronet of a Duke
A Stag trippant proper armed and attired Or
Quarterly: 1st grandquarter for the Earldom of Doncaster: the arms of King Charles II debruised by a Baton Sinister Argent; 2nd grandquarter for the Dukedom of Argyll: quarterly, 1st and 4th: Gyronny of eight Or and Sable (Campbell); 2nd and 3rd: Argent a Lymphad sails furled Sable flags and pennons flying Gules and oars in action of the second (Lorne); 3rd grandquarter for the Dukedom of Queensberry: quarterly, 1st and 4th: Argent a Heart Gules crowned with an Imperial Crown Or on a Chief Azure three Mullets of the field (Douglas); 2nd and 3rd, Azure a Bend between six Cross Crosslets fitchée Or (Mar); the whole of this grandquarter within a Bordure Or charged with a double Tressure flory-counter-flory Gules; 4th grandquarter for the Dukedom of Montagu: quarterly, 1st: Argent three Fusils conjoined in fess Gules a Bordure Sable (Montagu); 2nd: Or an Eagle displayed Vert beaked and membered Gules (Monthermer); 3rd: Sable a Lion rampant Argent on a Canton of the last a Cross Gules (Churchill); 4th: Argent a Chevron Gules between three Caps of Maintenance their fronts turned to the sinister Azure furred Ermine (Brudenell); over the grandquarters at the fess point an Inescutcheon Or on a Bend Azure a Mullet of six points between two Crescents of the field (Scott).
On either side a Female Figure proper habited from the waist downwards in a Kirtle Azure gathered up at the knees the arms and bosom uncovered around the shoulders a Flowing Mantle as before suspended by the exterior hand girdle and sandals Gules and her head adorned with a Plume of three Ostrich Feathers Argent
Amo ("I Love")

Family TreeEdit

Douglas and Montagu Douglas Scott Family Tree: Dukes of Queensberry and Marquesses of Queensberry
William Douglas,
1st Earl of Queensberry

(died 1640)
James Douglas,
2nd Earl of Queensberry

(died 1671)
Hon. Sir William Douglas
(died 1673)
William Douglas,
3rd Earl then 1st Marquess then
1st Duke of Queensberry

Lady Catherine Douglas
Sir James Douglas, 1.Bt.
James Douglas,
2nd Duke of Queensberry,
1st Duke of Dover,
2nd Marquess of Queensberry

William Douglas,
1st Earl of March
(died 1705)
Sir William Douglas, 2.Bt.
(died 1733)
James Douglas,
3rd Marquess of Queensberry

Excluded from succession to Dukedom[2]
Charles Douglas,
3rd Duke of Queensberry,
2nd Duke of Dover,
4th Marquess of Queensberry

Lady Jean Douglas
m. Francis Scott,
2nd Duke of Buccleuch

William Douglas,
2nd Earl of March
Sir John Douglas, 3.Bt.
(died 1778)
Henry Douglas,
Earl of Drumlanrig

Charles Douglas,
Earl of Drumlanrig
Francis Scott,
Earl of Dalkeith

William Douglas,
3rd Earl of March,
4th Duke of Queensberry,
5th Marquess of Queensberry

Sir William Douglas, 4.Bt.
(died 1783)
Henry Scott,
3rd Duke of Buccleuch,
5th Duke of Queensberry

Succeeded to Dukedom of Queensberry, 1810
Charles Douglas,
6th Marquess of Queensberry

John Douglas,
7th Marquess of Queensberry

George Scott,
Earl of Dalkeith
Charles William Henry Montagu-Scott,
4th Duke of Buccleuch,
6th Duke of Queensberry

Archibald William Douglas,
8th Marquess of Queensberry

George Henry Scott,
Lord Scott of Whitchester
Walter Francis M.D.Scott,
5th Duke of Buccleuch,
7th Duke of Queensberry

John Sholto Douglas,
9th Marquess of Queensberry

William Henry Walter M.D.Scott,
6th Duke of Buccleuch,
8th Duke of Queensberry

Francis Archibald Douglas,
Viscount Drumlaning,
1st Baron Kelhead

Percy Sholto Douglas,
10th Marquess of Queensberry

Walter Henry M.D.Scott,
Earl of Dalkeith
John Charles M.D.Scott,
7th Duke of Buccleuch,
9th Duke of Queensberry

Francis Archibald Kelhead Douglas,
11th Marquess of Queensberry

Walter John M.D.Scott,
8th Duke of Buccleuch,
10th Duke of Queensberry

David Harrington Angus Douglas,
12th Marquess of Queensberry

(born 1929)
Walter Francis John M.D.Scott,
9th Duke of Buccleuch,
11th Duke of Queensberry

Sholto Francis Guy Douglas,
Viscount Drumlanrig
(born 1967)
Heir apparent to the Marquessate
Lord Torquil Oberon Tobias Douglas
(born 1978)
Richard Walter John M.D.Scott,
10th Duke of Buccleuch,
12th Duke of Queensberry

(born 1954)
Walter John Francis M.D.Scott,
Earl of Dalkeith

(born 1984)
Heir apparent to the Dukedom

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  2. ^ The 3rd Marquess, a homicidal maniac, was excluded from the line of succession to the Dukedom when the 2nd Duke surrendered all of his titles except the Marquessate and its subsidiary titles back to the Crown and obtained a new grant with the same precedence for the surrendered titles that altered the succession to his second son and then the heirs male and female of the 1st Earl of Queensberry. The succession of the Marquessate continued in remainder to the heirs male of the 1st Earl of Queensberry.