Duke of Abrantès

The Dukedom of Abrantès was a title of Napoleonic nobility created in 1808 by Napoleon for Jean-Andoche Junot.

Arms of the 1st Duke of Abrantès

After the King of Portugal's refusal to join the Continental Blockade, Napoleon I despatched General Jean-Andoche Junot in command of the French invasion of Portugal. General Junot marched through Portugal and set up camp at the city of Abrantes, before advancing on Lisbon.

After the French victory, Napoleon conferred the victory title of Duke of Abrantès (French: Duc d'Abrantès) upon General Junot. His wife was the French writer Laure née Martin de Permont, and she became styled as the Duchess of Abrantès.[citation needed]

The dukedom, extinct since 1982 upon the death of Maurice, 6th Duke of Abrantès, was never formally recognized by the Portuguese government.

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