Duke Xi of Qi

Duke Xi of Qi (Chinese: 齊僖公; pinyin: Qí Xī Gōng; died 698 BC) was from 730 to 698 BC the thirteenth recorded ruler of the State of Qi during the Spring and Autumn period of ancient China. His personal name was Lü Lufu (呂祿甫), ancestral name Jiang (), and Duke Xi was his posthumous title.[1][2]

Duke Xi of Qi
Ruler of Qi
Reign730–698 BC
PredecessorDuke Zhuang I of Qi
SuccessorDuke Xiang of Qi
Died698 BC
SpouseWey Ji
IssueDuke Xiang of Qi
Duke Huan of Qi
Xuan Jiang
Wen Jiang
Ancestral name: Jiang (姜)
Clan name: Lü (呂)
Given name: Lufu (祿甫)
HouseHouse of Jiang
FatherDuke Zhuang I of Qi


Duke Xi succeeded his father Duke Zhuang I of Qi, who died in 731 BC after a reign of 64 years, as ruler of Qi. In 706 BC, Qi was attacked by the Northern Rong tribes (also called Mountain Rong). Duke Zhuang of the State of Zheng sent Crown Prince Hu (later Duke Zhao of Zheng) to help Qi repel the Northern Rong.[1][2]


Duke Xi reigned for 33 years and died in 698 BC. He was succeeded by his son, Duke Xiang of Qi, who would later be murdered by Duke Xi's nephew Wuzhi. Wuzhi himself was also killed soon afterward, and Duke Xi's younger son Xiaobai ascended the throne, posthumously known as Duke Huan of Qi. Qi grew strong under Duke Huan's rule and he became the first of the Five Hegemons of the Spring and Autumn period.[1][2]



  • Wey Ji, of the Ji clan of Wey (衛姬 姬姓), the mother of Prince Xiaobai


  • Lady, of Lu, the mother of Prince Jiu


  • Prince Zhu'er (公子諸兒; 729–686 BC), ruled as Duke Xiang of Qi from 697–686 BC
  • Prince Jiu (公子糾; d. 685 BC)
  • Prince Xiaobai (公子小白; d. 643 BC), ruled as Duke Huan of Qi from 684–643 BC



Duke Li of Qi (d. 816 BC)
Duke Wen of Qi (d. 804 BC)
Duke Cheng of Qi (d. 795 BC)
Duke Zhuang I of Qi (d. 731 BC)
Duke Xi of Qi (d. 698 BC)


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Duke Xi of Qi
 Died: 698 BC
Regnal titles
Preceded by Duke of Qi
730–698 BC
Succeeded by