The Duffie Oak in 2011.

The Duffie Oak is a historic Southern live oak in Mobile, Alabama. Being approximately 300 years old, it is considered by scholars to be the oldest living landmark in the city.[1][2][3][4] It was originally known as the Seven Sisters Oak for its number of large limbs. It was later renamed for former mayor of Mobile George A. Duffie, who lived nearby.[3]

The tree has a circumference at breast height (CBH) of 30 feet 11 inches (9.42 m), a height of 48 feet (15 m) and a limb spread of 126 feet (38 m).[4] It was recognized by the National Arborist Association in 1977.[1] The Alabama Forestry Commission recognized it as a famous and historic tree in 2003.[3]

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Coordinates: 30°41′10″N 88°03′43″W / 30.68608°N 88.06202°W / 30.68608; -88.06202