Duewag, formerly Waggonfabrik Uerdingen, was a German manufacturer of rail vehicles. It was sold in 1999 to Siemens with the brand later retired.

FormerlyWaggonfabrik Uerdingen
IndustryManufacture of railway locomotives and rolling stock
vehicle construction Edit this on Wikidata
PredecessorDüsseldorfer Waggonfabrik Edit this on Wikidata
FoundedMarch 1898
FateMerged into Siemens Mobility
SuccessorSiemens & Halske Edit this on Wikidata
HeadquartersKrefeld, Germany
ProductsRolling stock
Railbus built under the Uerdingen brand name, operated by EVB
A Hagen tram shortly after arriving in Innsbruck for its second operation on the Stubaitalbahn after the Hagen trams ceasing service in 1976


Duewag was founded in March 1898 as Waggonfabrik Uerdingen in Uerdingen and produced rail vehicles under the Düwag brand. After merging with Düsseldorfer Waggonfabrik in 1935, railway vehicles were built in Uerdingen, while the Düsseldorf plant produced mainly local traffic vehicles, namely tramway and light rail vehicles. In 1981, the company changed its name from Waggonfabrik Uerdingen to Duewag.[1]

Siemens acquired a 60% shareholding in 1989 before taking full ownership in April 1999.[2][3] In 2001, the Düsseldorf plant was closed with production transferred to Uerdingen.[4]

Duewag vehicles were close to a monopoly market in West Germany, as nearly every tram and light rail vehicle purchased from the 1960s onward was built by Duewag.[citation needed]



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