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Dual-tracked roller coaster

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Riders slap hands on the Racer at Kennywood

A dual-tracked roller coaster is a roller coaster which consists of two tracks. There are three types of dual-tracked roller coasters: racing, dueling, and Möbius Loop roller coasters.

Not all parks choose to operate both sides of their dual-tracked coasters; Rolling Thunder and Colossus are two examples of this. Other parks operate one side frontwards and one side backwards.



Dragon Challenge in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was a dueling inverted roller coaster.

A racing roller coaster consists of two separate roller coasters that travel along parallel or mirrored tracks to simulate a race between the trains. The coaster trains travel along tracks just a few feet apart from one another. They often get close enough for riders to reach out and slap hands with riders on the opposite train, though this is extremely dangerous and can result in ejection from the park. These coasters are usually wooden and old.

A dueling roller coaster features two (or more) roller coasters, usually with a similar layout, built close to each other. The rides are designed to do just as the name indicates: to duel. The coaster's layout often consists of strategic maneuvering to produce near-misses between the two coaster trains, designed to induce a greater adrenaline rush for the rider than a stand-alone roller coaster.

A Möbius loop roller coaster can be either a racing roller coaster or a dueling roller coaster. Its unique feature is that there is one continuous track instead of two separate ones. As a result, the station that a train leaves is not the same one to which it will return. One unusual case is Twisted Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain, a Möbius Loop type coaster where there is only one station - one cycle of the ride takes the train through both sides of the "Möbius Loop."


Coaster Name Park Location Track Type Builder Year Opened Notes
American Eagle Six Flags Great America   Gurnee, Illinois Wooden Racing Intamin 1981 Tallest, fastest racing wooden roller coaster in the world.[1]
Batman & Robin: The Chiller Six Flags Great Adventure   Jackson, New Jersey Steel Dueling Premier Rides 1997 Closed in 2007, sold for scrap 2018
Battlestar Galactica Universal Studios Singapore   Sentosa, Singapore Steel Dueling Vekoma 2010 Battlestar Galactica closed in February 2013 due to technical issues, and reopened on 27 May 2015. Tallest duelling roller coaster in the world.
Dauling Dragon Happy Valley Wuhan   Wuhan, Hubei, China Wooden Racing Martin & Vleminckx 2012 China's first racing roller coaster. Designed by The Gravity Group.
Dragon Challenge Universal's Islands of Adventure   Orlando, Florida Steel Dueling Bolliger & Mabillard 1999 Formerly known as Dueling Dragons. Although this ride was listed as dueling, the individual tracks do not run synchronized due to a variety of incidents. Inverted roller coaster. Closed and scrapped 2017.
Gemini Cedar Point   Sandusky, Ohio Steel Racing Arrow Dynamics 1978 With wood structure.
Grand National Blackpool Pleasure Beach   Blackpool, Lancashire Wooden Möbius loop Charles Paige 1935
Gwazi Busch Gardens Tampa Bay   Tampa, Florida Wooden Dueling Great Coasters International 1999 Closed in 2015. Only the Lion side was operating as of 2012.
Joris en de Draak Efteling   Kaatsheuvel Wooden Dueling Great Coasters International 2010
Lightning Racer Hersheypark   Hershey, Pennsylvania Wooden Dueling Great Coasters International 2000
Matterhorn Bobsleds Disneyland   Anaheim, California Steel Arrow Dynamics 1959 Weaves around and through a replica of the Matterhorn. World's first tubular steel roller coaster.
Max Adventures Master Thai Mirabilandia   Italy Steel Möbius loop Preston & Barbieri 2011 Riders simultaneously board on both halves of the Möbius loop.
Milky Way Mitsui Greenland   Arao, Kumamoto Steel Racing Senyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. 1991 Stand-up roller coaster
Le Monstre La Ronde   Montréal, Québec Wooden Racing William Cobb & Associates 1985/86 One track opened in 1985, the other in 1986
Montaña Rusa La Feria Chapultepec Mágico   Mexico City Wooden Möbius loop National Amusement Device Company 1964
The Racer Kings Island   Mason, Ohio Wooden Racing Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters 1972 Credited for starting the "Second Coaster Boom". One train formerly ran backwards until 2008. World's fastest racing coaster (1972–1976).
Racer Kennywood   West Mifflin, Pennsylvania Wooden Möbius loop Charile Mach 1927
Ramses Parque de Atracciones de Zaragoza   Zaragoza Steel Racing Safeco 2002 Opened in 1987 at Parque de Atracciones de Montjuic, named as "Vikingo". It stayed until the park's closure in 1998, and reopened with a new theming, location and name in 2002. First half pipe roller coaster ever built in a park.
Racer 75 Kings Dominion   Doswell, Virginia Wooden Racing Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters 1975 One train formerly ran backwards until 2008.
Rolling Thunder Six Flags Great Adventure   Jackson, New Jersey Wooden Racing William Cobb & Associates 1979 Ride has two tracks in a figure 8 pattern, but the hills are arranged differently on each track. Closed in 2013 to make way for Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom.
Stampida PortAventura Park   Salou, Tarragona Wooden Racing Custom Coasters International 1997
Space Mountain Magic Kingdom   Bay Lake, Florida Steel Arrow Dynamics 1975 Oldest operating roller coaster in Florida.
Thunder Road Carowinds   Charlotte, North Carolina Wooden Racing Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters 1976 Crosses the North Carolina/South Carolina state line. One train formerly ran backwards until 2008. Closed and demolished in 2015.
Twisted Colossus Six Flags Magic Mountain   Valencia, California Steel Möbius loop Rocky Mountain Construction 1978 (as Colossus) With wood structure. Formerly known as Colossus; closed on August 16, 2014 after 36 years of operation. Opened on May 23, 2015 as Twisted Colossus. Unlike most "Möbius loop" racing/dueling coasters, Twisted Colossus has one station and trains go through both sides of the "Möbius loop" on one cycle. The original Colossus was a traditional two-track racing wooden coaster.
Vertigorama Parque de la Ciudad   Buenos Aires City Steel Racing Intamin 1983 Track built but electrical never completed.
Vleermuis Plopsaland De Panne   De Panne, West Flanders, Belgium Steel Racing Caripro 2000 Suspended roller coaster. Sold to a park outside Europe in 2018.
West Coast Racers Six Flags Magic Mountain   Valencia, California Steel Racing Premier Rides 2019 Dual racing coaster, not yet under construction-
Windjammer Surf Racers Knott's Berry Farm   Buena Park, California Steel Racing TOGO 1997 Closed in 2000 due to various problems.


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