Dubai Women's Sevens

The Dubai Women's Sevens is an annual rugby sevens tournament held in Dubai, UAE. The tournament includes several competitions including, since 2006, an international women's invitational competition. Though most entrants are ad hoc sides composed of club and international players from a variety of (generally European) countries, some are official national selections - the results of matches between such sides appear below.

Until the 2007 edition was held at the Dubai Exiles Rugby Ground, in 2008 it moved to The Sevens, a new stadium built to host the 2009 Rugby World Cup Sevens.[1] The 2009 competition took place between 3–5 December.

In 2011, a new competition was launched by International Rugby Board (IRB) - the IRB Women's Challenge Cup - as a first step towards a full schedule of IRB-sponsored women's sevens events for 2012–13 season. It featured eight official national teams. The traditional international women's invitational competition also took place on neighbouring pitches.

On 4 October 2012, the IRB announced the launch of the IRB Women's Sevens World Series for the 2012–13 season. The Dubai competition will be the first of four events in the inaugural season.[2]


Year  Venue  Cup final Placings Refs
IRB Challenge Winner Score Runner-up Plate Bowl Shield
2011 The Sevens  
World Series Winner Score Runner-up Plate Bowl Shield
2012 The Sevens  
New Zealand
South Africa
United States
2013 The Sevens  
New Zealand
2014 The Sevens  
New Zealand
2015 The Sevens  
New Zealand
Winner Score Runner-up Third Fourth Fifth
2016 The Sevens  
New Zealand
2017 The Sevens  
United States
New Zealand
2018 The Sevens  
New Zealand
United States
2019 The Sevens  
New Zealand
United States

Earlier winnersEdit

Dubai Tournament 2006Edit

No official national selections.

Dubai Tournament 2007Edit

Played on 1 and 2 December 2007 at Dubai (Source Canada Union) Participants included Canada and USA, but there were no inter-national matches

Dubai Tournament 2008Edit

Date: 27–29 November 2008.

  • England played as England Sporting Chance Foundation. USA did not have this tournament listed as part of their preparation. Netherlands and Canada are believed to have been near full strength as were the England team. A Kenyan team had entered, but withdrew (Source Netherlands rugby)

Group Games

  • Sporting Chance Foundation (England) 34-7 USA
  • Canada 33-5 WOP Netherlands

Semi Final

  • Sporting Chance Foundation (England) 12-5 Canada
  • England went on to win the final. USA and Canada were joint third. Netherlands won the plate.
  • At the same time a "Gulf" competition was played but the results are not included as none of the "nations" has its own union.

Full results

Dubai Tournament 2009Edit

Venue/Date: 4 December 2009, Dubai. As ever the status of some teams is debatable. Possible International match ups are:

Group Games

  • Georgia 0-54 Arabian Gulf
  • France 21-12 USA
  • Kenya 17-21 Arabian Gulf
  • Georgia 0-41 Kenya

Classification Stages

  • Kenya 5-26 USA (Plate semi-final)
  • France finished as champions
  • Arabian Gulf and Kenya both lost in the Plate semi-finals
  • USA lost in the Plate final

All results

Dubai Tournament 2010Edit

Venue/Date: 2–3 December 2009, Dubai. As ever the status of some teams is debatable. Fixtures between what appear to be international teams are:

Group Games

  • France 35 Brazil 0
  • France 12 Almaty-Kazakhstan[9] 0
  • Almaty-Kazakhstan 12 Brazil 7
  • France finished as runners-up (winners Samurai Dubai included several England players).
  • Kenya and Almaty-Kazakhstan lost in the cup quarter-finals
  • Brazil finished as runner-up in the Plate (losing to Pink Ba-Baas, composed of English club players).

(Full results)

Dubai Tournament 2011Edit

2–3 December 2011

IRB Women's Sevens Challenge CupEdit

The first fully sanctioned IRB women's tournament (apart from the 2009 World Cup). Held alongside that year's Dubai Sevens and the normal Women's Invitational, with the semi-finals, the final and all of the Pool A games held on the main pitch. Part of a plan to launch a full IRB International Women's Sevens Series for 2012–13. Selection criteria were not revealed by the IRB, though the teams selected and the seedings roughly reflected the 2009 World Cup rankings - but with China and Brazil invited instead of Spain and France in order to give worldwide representation. Spain were later included when New Zealand declined their invitation to attend.[10]


Nation Won Drawn Lost For Against
Canada 3 0 0 64 21
Australia 2 0 1 59 19
Spain 1 0 2 36 31
Brazil 0 0 3 0 88
  • Australia 12-5 Spain
  • Canada 31-0 Brazil
  • Australia 40-0 Brazil
  • Canada 19-14 Spain
  • Australia 7-14 Canada
  • Spain 17-0 Brazil

5th to 8th Place

  • South Africa 19-5 Brazil
  • Spain 22-14 China

7th Place

  • Brazil 14-17 China

5th Place

  • South Africa 0-28 Spain


Nation Won Drawn Lost For Against
England 3 0 0 79 34
USA 2 0 1 36 48
South Africa 1 0 2 57 58
China 0 0 3 36 68
  • USA 22-10 South Africa
  • England 26-15 China
  • USA 14-7 China
  • England 22-19 South Africa
  • South Africa 28-14 China
  • England 31-0 USA

Semi Finals

  • England 12-10 Australia
  • Canada 36-0 USA

3rd Place

  • Australia 22-5 USA


  • England 7-26 Canada

Women's International Invitational TournamentEdit

This tournament, as usual, featured a mixture of national selections and international invitational teams. The official national teams were France and Kenya in Pool A, and Netherlands and "Maple Leafs" (the Canadian development team) in Pool B. Unofficial teams were Moscow Region and Tuks (South African universities) in Pool A, and Iron Ladies (Ukraine) and Team Globaleye (international team) in Pool B.

  • Netherlands reach the final, where they beat the Maple Leafs
  • France were knocked-out in the semi-finals by Maple Leafs
  • Kenya lost all of their pool games, but finished as runner-up in the plate.

The following are the results of the games involving the official national selections (including the Maple Leafs, though their games are not internationals) - full results can be found here.

Pool games

  • Netherlands 21-0 Maple Leafs
  • France 35-0 Kenya


  • France 0-12 Maple Leafs


  • Netherlands 17-5 Maple Leafs

Dubai Tournament 2012Edit

IRB Women's Sevens World SeriesEdit

Women's Invitational TournamentEdit

Dubai Tournament 2014Edit

IRB Women's Sevens World SeriesEdit

International InvitationalEdit

Dubai Tournament 2015Edit

IRB Women's Sevens World SeriesEdit

International InvitationalEdit

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