Dryvyaty (Belarusian: Дрывя́ты, Lithuanian: Druvetas, Polish: Drywiaty) – is a lake in Braslaw District, Vitebsk Region, in Belarus. This is the largest lake of the Braslaw Lakes and fifth the largest lake of the country.[1]

Lake Dryvyaty
Lake Dryvyaty in Belarus
Lake Dryvyaty is located in Belarus
Lake Dryvyaty
Lake Dryvyaty
Coordinates55°37′0.66″N 27°1′13.91″E / 55.6168500°N 27.0205306°E / 55.6168500; 27.0205306Coordinates: 55°37′0.66″N 27°1′13.91″E / 55.6168500°N 27.0205306°E / 55.6168500; 27.0205306
Lake typefreshwater
Primary inflowsUsvica, Zolvica, Raka (river)
Primary outflowsDruyka (river)
Catchment area459 km2 (177 sq mi)
Basin countriesBelarus
Max. length9.86 km (6.13 mi)
Max. width4.5 km (2.8 mi)
Surface area36.1 km2 (13.9 sq mi)[1]
Average depth6.1 m (20 ft)[1]
Max. depth12 m (39 ft)[1]
Water volume223.5×10^6 m3 (7.89×10^9 cu ft)
Shore length137.6 km (23.4 mi)
Surface elevation141.6 m (465 ft)
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.


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