Druzhby Narodiv (Kyiv Metro)

Druzhby Narodiv or Friendship of Peoples (Ukrainian: Дружби Народів, (listen), named after the road above the station) is a station of Kyiv Metro's Syretsko-Pecherska Line. It is situated between Pecherska and Vydubychi stations. This station was opened on 30 December 1991.

Druzhby Narodiv
Kyiv Metro
Kyiv Metro station
Druzhby Narodiv metro station Kiev 2010 01.jpg
General information
LocationPecherskyi District
Coordinates50°25′5″N 30°32′42″E / 50.41806°N 30.54500°E / 50.41806; 30.54500Coordinates: 50°25′5″N 30°32′42″E / 50.41806°N 30.54500°E / 50.41806; 30.54500
Owned byKyiv Metro
Line(s) Syretsko–Pecherska line
Structure typeunderground
Platform levels1
Other information
Station code318
Opened30 December 1991
Preceding station Kyiv Metro logo.svg Kyiv Metro Following station
towards Syrets
Syretsko–Pecherska line Vydubychi

Druzhby Narodiv station was designed by architects Alyoshkin and Krushynskiy. It is a deep level station. The station is connected by escalators with a passenger tunnel situated under Druzhby Narodiv boulevard.

Druzhby Narodiv station operates from 05:43 to 00:12.

On Friday 13 January 2023 the Kyiv City Council announced the metro station would be renamed.[1] In a poll organised by them Kyiv residents cast more than 100,000 votes for the renaming of seven city objects, including this and the metro station Ploshcha Lva Tolstoho.[1] In a May 2022 online poll (with 170,000 respondents) voters chose to rename the station Botanical[2] (Ukrainian: Ботанічний) - after the nearby Hryshko National Botanical Garden - in a poll taken during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine; other choices included European and Red Vibernum.[3] The Druzhba Narodiv boulevard itself was renamed to Mykola Mikhnovsky boulevard on 8 December 2022.[4] In the January 2023 poll the majority of votes went to the name Zvirynets [uk] (Ukrainian: Звіринець), a historical neighbourhood inside Pecherskyi District where the metro station is situated in.[1]


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