Droyßig is a municipality in the Burgenlandkreis district, in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.

Coat of arms of Droyßig
Coat of arms
Location of Droyßig within Burgenlandkreis district
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Droyßig is located in Germany
Droyßig is located in Saxony-Anhalt
Coordinates: 51°2′59″N 12°1′59″E / 51.04972°N 12.03306°E / 51.04972; 12.03306Coordinates: 51°2′59″N 12°1′59″E / 51.04972°N 12.03306°E / 51.04972; 12.03306
Municipal assoc.Droyßiger-Zeitzer Forst
 • MayorEvelyn Billing
 • Total20.31 km2 (7.84 sq mi)
234 m (768 ft)
 • Total1,985
 • Density98/km2 (250/sq mi)
Time zoneCET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes
Dialling codes034425
Vehicle registrationBLK, HHM, NEB, NMB, WSF, ZZ


Droyssig is located about 8 km west of Zeitz.


Droyssig was first mentioned in a document in 1170. Albrecht von Turt made an establishment of a branch (Commandery) of the Knights Templar in 1214, who bore the nickname Droyssig from 1190. In 1312, afters the Order's prohibition on the site was taken over by the Knights of St. John. The Counts of Orlamünde had their establishment in Droyssig until expire in 1413. The Lords of Bünau have 1413 to 1622 as Droyssig landgravial feud, after which by Hoym. 1622 is a rupture of the castle and a castle under renovation for the Christian Julius von Hoym. In Hoymschen owned Droyssig remained until its expiry in 1769 and then went to 1945 on the property of the Prince of Schonberg-Waldenburg.

Until 1989 there was the central institution of the Pioneer organization, Ernst Thalmann (ZIPO) in Droyssig.


The council is composed of Droyssig from 12 Ratsfrauen and councilors. Uwe Luksch has been mayor of Droyssig since February 2008.

Culture and sightseeingEdit


Castle Droyssig

The Castle Droyssig was at the beginning of the 13th Century as an imperial castle built. Today's impressive living quarters the town its character.


A memorial stone in the park (for DDR-time "Ernst-Thalmann-Park") commemorates the victims of fascism. The situated there Thalmann bust was removed after 1989.

Regular eventsEdit

The Castle Festival is always the beginning of June and Others organized with a medieval market. Well known in the surrounding communities is also the annual Christmas market takes place, which takes place just one day in December, around the historic castle. Also an annual event with a large regional reputation is established in the city of Stiftungsfest Christophorus Gymnasium of CJD in May each year, recalls that at the foundation of Droyßiger institutions and attracts mainly families of pupils at school.

Economy and infrastructureEdit


The railroad Zeitz-Camburg was set aside in 2000. Adjacent communities like Droyssig have spoken out on political grounds for a bus (in the whole region bus (in parallel) transport and railway lines to set the agenda), the (very small and often congested) bus service is made public, business and traffic point of view not much longer so portable, it is an association for the promotion of the railway line to be established. Connects to highway 180 to Zeitz and Naumburg (Saale), it is 4 km in a northerly direction.


Sons and daughters of the townEdit

  • Catarina Fitztuhm née Binau to Dresig (Droyssig) (c. 1496–1558), buried in St Martin's Church, Apolda
  • Ludwig Gebhard von Hoym (1631–1711), Royal Saxon Elector and Polish real Privy Council, crag, chamber president and chief tax district in Thuringia, hereditary chamberlain of the Principality of Halberstadt and landlord to Droyssig, ways of life, and Burgscheidungen Kirchscheidungen
  • Adolph Magnus Hoym (1668–1723), Royal Saxon Elector and Polish real Privy Council, cabinet ministers, general excise tax inspector, senior tax manager and entrepreneur
  • Ernst Ortlepp (1800–1864), poet of the pre
  • Johann KarlZeune (1736–1788), German philologist

People who have worked on siteEdit

  • Michael Ranft (1700–1774), vampirism researchers, working from 1739/44-1749 as Pfarradjunkt or pastor in the city
  • Friedrich Wilhelm Kritzinger, (1816–1890) theologian, teacher and songwriter, First Director of Droyßiger institutions
  • Hildegard Scholz (born January 23, 1894 in Leipzig; died December 6, 1991 in Brunswick), a painter and a freelance artist for three decades working as an art teacher for young women and girls in institutions Droyßiger
  • Petra Pau (born 1963), Vice-President of the German Parliament (The Left), 1979 training at the Central Institute of the pioneer organization in Droyssig


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