Lawrence Andrew "Drew" Hayes (July 20, 1969 – March 21, 2007) was a writer and graphic artist who is best known as the creator of the long-running independent comic book series Poison Elves .

Drew Hayes
Drew Hayes wearing his infamous "Ebola Zaire" T-Shirt
BornLawrence Andrew Hayes
July 20, 1969
Bellingham, Washington, U.S.
Died(2007-03-21)March 21, 2007
Area(s)Writer, penciller, inker
Notable works
Poison Elves

Hayes began self-publishing I, Lusiphur under the Mulehide Graphics imprint in 1991. He changed the series title to Poison Elves with #8, and continued through #20. During this period, he was a prominent example of creators distributing their black and white comics to the direct market. In 1995 he signed a "lifetime contract" assigning the rights to the series to Sirius Entertainment, where he produced another 79 issues and a color special, the last of which was published in September 2004. His work has been collected in ten Poison Elves paperbacks. He engaged in an ongoing mock "feud" with fellow comics creator Brian Bendis in the letters pages of their books.

Hayes suffered from health problems which hampered his ability to create comics. He was overweight, had suffered cardiac damage from sleep apnea, and had been hospitalized more than once. After undergoing treatment in the hospital and losing weight, he planned to resume creating new issues of Poison Elves, but died at the age of 37, of a heart attack while suffering from pneumonia.


Deaththreats,The Life and Times of a Comic Book Rock StarEdit

Sirius Entertainment, 2009, 384 pages, ISBN 978-1-579-89092-6.
Collects all 100 of the Starting Notes from Poison Elves (annotated and illustrated to provide context), as well as extended excerpts from Drew's Deathreats letter columns.

Poison Elves comicsEdit

  • I, Lusiphur/Poison Elves
  • Poison Elves Overstreet Fan Edition
  • Lusipher and Lirilith
  • Requiem for an Elf
  • Traumatic Dogs
  • Desert of the Third Sin
  • Patrons
  • The Mulehide Years (collection of vol 1–4)
  • Sanctuary
  • Guild War
  • Salvation
  • Rogues

Other artEdit

  • "Season in the Sun" (poster)
  • "The Pub Scene" (color print)
  • "Hyena" (B&W print)
  • "Dryad" (color print)
  • "Cover Prints"
  • "Strange Attractors/Poison Elves Jam Poster" – with Michael Cohen.
  • Poison Elves T-shirts (four different designs)
  • Poison Elves Limited Edition Portfolio I – A set of six plates reprinting covers from Mulehide issues of the comic and a new plate.
  • Poison Elves trading cards

Art in other comicsEdit

  • Hunters printed in Elfquest—Hidden Years, #10, Blood of Ten Chiefs #4, and New Blood #13.
  • Necromancer #3
  • Moon Marauders (pinup )
  • Strange Attractors #6-#8 (coloring for the cover art)
  • Drew Fiend's Rare Bit Haze (appears in Roarin' Rick's Rare Bit Fiends #5)
  • G.A.S.P. contains excerpt from Poison Elves #17
  • Indy #10 for interview with Dan DeBono (cover art with Barry Blair)
  • Wandering Star #9 (pinup art)
  • Overstreet's Fan #7 (illustration of Lusiphur on the cover.)
  • Overstreet's Fan #10 (cover art)
  • The Crow (appears in Mythography #1)

Miscellaneous artEdit

  • "Lady Death Chromium II" (Card #64)
  • "Strangers in Paradise Card Set" (Card #76)


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