Drew Donovan

Drew Donovan is a fictional character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives. He was played by Charles Shaughnessy from September 8 to December 21, 1988. In February 2017, Shaughnessy reprised his role as Drew.[1]

Drew Donovan
Drew in 2017.png
Days of our Lives character
Portrayed byCharles Shaughnessy
Duration1988, 2017
First appearanceSeptember 8, 1988
Last appearanceFebruary 21, 2017
Created byLeah Laiman
Introduced byKen Corday and Al Rabin
ClassificationFormer, recurring
Other namesAndrew Donovan III
  • ISA Agent
  • Hitman

Fictional character historyEdit

Drew Donovan was the identical twin brother of Shane Donovan, and the son of Andrew and Margaret Donovan. During his early twenties after he finished the military force he eventually joined the ISA along with his brother.

Drew Donovan was first seen in 1988, kidnapping Roman Brady's daughter, Carrie. He was nicknamed Iago, was an assassin that worked for Stefano DiMera. He had eventually killed Ellen Hawk, Stefano's wife and mother of Benjy Hawk.

He along with Roman Brady (later retconned, see John Black) and Jeremiah Brown was all trained in the Orient (some secret place Stefano owned in Thailand) by the Kung-Fu master Orion Hawk. He also dated Calliope Jones. He killed Ambassador Chung, by blowing up the whole building, and Benjy went deaf after being in the building. Stefano hated Roman for this, since if he had done it, it would have never happened.

After being shot and wounded, Drew later escaped from Salem.

In early February 2017, Drew returns in a storyline surrounding the disappearance and supposed death of Stefano DiMera.


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