Dragonslayer (disambiguation)

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A dragonslayer is a person who slays dragons in mythology and fantasy.

Dragonslayer or Dragon Slayer may also refer to:




Video gamesEdit


  • Coach (Survivor contestant) (born 1971), reality TV personality who refers to himself as the "Dragon Slayer"
  • DragonQuest, a fantasy role-playing game by Simulations Publications, Inc. was to be called Dragonslayer, but was changed to due to the naming conflict with the 1981 film
  • Dragonslayer (game) is a boardgame published in 1981 as a tie-in to the film
  • Dragonslayers (Martian Metals), a line of miniatures produced in 1980 by Martian Metals
  • Dragonslayer, erroneously said to be the previous name of the band Slayer