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Founded2015 (2015)
FounderJeremy Olander & Alexander Drewniak
GenreMelodic House & Techno
Country of originSweden

Vivrant is a Swedish independent electronic music label based in Stockholm, Sweden mainly focusing on melodic house and techno.[1][2][3]


The label was founded by Jeremy Olander and his manager Alexander Drewniak in 2015 after Olander departed from a multi-release deal with Eric Prydz’s Pryda Friends.[1]

The founding of the label was a reactionary measure and a response to Olander not feeling like his music had a proper home. ”Ever since I started making music and putting it out I’ve felt like I didn’t have a home that fully suited what I did. That’s what Vivrant is. A home for me and everyone else out there that don’t fit anywhere else”, Olander was quoted saying in an interview with Billboard.[4]

The name is an homage to Q-Tips ”Vivrant Thing”, as Olander is a big fan of 90s east coast hip hop. He has also said that the name represents what he wants the label to sound like.[5]

According to Olander, Vivrant intends to become a springboard for young, up-and-coming talent in electronic music as well as established names he admires.[6]


The label has released 18 EPs to date. 15 has been original releases and 2 remix EPs. 12 have reached the number one spot on their respectively Beatport Top 100 release genre charts.[7]


Since the founding of Vivrant in 2015, the label has done a number of showcases[vague] in locations such as Stockholm, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, New York and Amsterdam. Past showcase guests include label and guests artists including Henry Saiz, Dubspeeka, Finnbassen, Tim Engelhardt, Ejeca, Baikal and Karmon.[8]

List of artists that have released on Vivrant [3]Edit

  • Jeremy Olander
  • Dhillon (techno moniker)
  • Khen
  • Tim Engelhardt
  • André Hommen
  • Eekkoo
  • Henry Saiz
  • Finnebassen
  • Jamie Stevens
  • Charlie Don’t Surf
  • Marino Canal
  • King Unique
  • Ejeca

Discography [3]Edit

  • Marino Canal - Vangelis Dreams EP (2019)
  • Jeremy Olander - Shogun (2019)
  • Jeremy Olander - Docks EP (2019)
  • Constantijn Lange, Tim Engelhardt - The Elephant EP (2018)
  • Jeremy Olander - Zanzibar (2018)
  • Jeremy Olander - Karusell EP (2018)
  • Jeremy Olander - Taiga EP - Reimagined (Remixed by Ejeca, King Unique & Marino Canal) (2018)
  • André Hommen - Abakus EP (2017)Jeremy Olander - Taiga EP - Reimagined (Remixed by Ejeca, King Unique & Marino Canal) (2018)
  • Jeremy Olander - Gattaca EP (2017)
  • Tim Engelhardt - Maks EP (2017)
  • Khen - Cornfields EP (2017)
  • Jeremy Olander - Damon EP (2017)
  • Jeremy Olander - Caravelle EP (2016)
  • Eekkoo - Nightinggale EP (2016)
  • Jeremy Olander - Taiga EP - Reimagined (Remixed by Henry Saiz, Charlie Don't Surf, Jamie Stevens & Finnebassen) (2016)
  • Dhillon - The Heist EP (2016)
  • Dhillon - Intro EP (2016)
  • Jeremy Olander - Taiga EP (2015)


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