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The Unemployed Philosophers Guild is a novelty gift company founded in 1989, and based in Brooklyn, NY.[1][2][3]


The Unemployed Philosophers Guild was founded by brothers Stephan and David Shaw whose first creations were baked clay pins of famous philosophers and other historical figures.[4] They now design and manufacture various novelty gifts featuring philosophers, artists, and pop-culture figures, including Little Thinker dolls,[5] Secular Saint Candles[6] Magnetic Personality finger puppets, and Freudian Slippers.[7]

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild holds licenses to manufacture products for Dr. Who, DC Comics, Star Trek, Bob Ross, and various others. They are exhibitors each year at the NY NOW trade show, and New York Comic Con.[8]


In 2010 Rajan Zed, a Hindu chaplain based in Nevada, issued the Philosophers Guild a statement voicing disapproval of the shop's Shiva and Ganesh puppets.[9][10] The complaint was raised again in 2018, prompting the Field Museum in Chicago to remove the products from their shelves.[11][12]

In 2011 The Unemployed Philosophers Guild was sued by the manufacturer 3M over their use of the suffix "-it" on their products Jeez-its, Bush-its, Femin-its, Buddh-its and other sticky notes.[13][14]

In 2011 The University of Tennessee bookstore in Knoxville removed the Philosophers Guild product Obama “Disappoint-mints” from their shelves at the urging of then Democratic congressman Joe Armstrong.[15][16][17]

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