SAYUL ( hangeul: 세이울) is a student-led, not-for-profit organization that operates to empower youths who are keen on becoming youth leaders, promoting diplomacy through cross-cultural experiences, SDG-based projects, etc. Founded and based in South Korea, SAYUL aims at forming a global network for youth leaders with the spirit of engaging in social growth of the world. Moreover, it also promotes both-side diplomacy between South Korea and other nations.

SAYUL also works with a cohort of youths from different cultural backgrounds, who are interested in the culture and language of South Korea.

Origin of the nameEdit

Korean/Hangeul version of SAYUL is spelled as '세이울' . Combining the first syllables of the words 세종대왕 (King Sejong the Great) , 이순신장군 (Admiral Yi Sun-Sin) , '울타리' (Ultari,meaning 'Wall/Fence, used as a metaphor for 광화문 (Gwanghwamun), the name 'SAYUL' was coined. Additionally , SAYUL is also an abbreviation of 'Student Ambassador, Youth United Leaders'.[1]


Three main branches, 1) Public-Private Committee, 2) Korea Night and 3) Global Networks, comprises the operation of SAYUL.

Public-Private CommitteeEdit

This committee deals with the error correction of the descriptions related to South Korea. Likewise, information expansion of South Korea and delivering fact-checked, authentic stands to be the main purpose of the branch.

Korea NightEdit

This particular event is an annual cultural concert that has been in existence since 2014.

Global NetworksEdit

This branch, in turn, is composed of two separate groups, Korea Club and International Branch. The former consists of Korean members, currently residing in South Korea while the latter is made up of international student communities from different parts of the world.

Korea Club(KC)Edit

The original construction of SAYUL Korea Club (KC) consists of three teams from different districts, which are Team Gwanak (관악 팀), Team Sichon(신촌 팀), and lastly, Team Anam (안암 팀). Korea Club of SAYUL works for the best delivery , accurate contribution and correct information about the country. Besides, members of SAYUL Korea Club (KC) introduces Korean Language, social values, culture and history to international Branch (IB) members, who in turn work for the promotion of South Korea from different aspects. Through monthly cultural and language exchange meetings , members of the Korea Club (KC) and International Branch (IB) work on the exchange of diverse cultures and language of each country and the empowerment of being public diplomatic entities.

International Branch (IB)Edit

The International Branch (IB) of SAYUL is currently made up of 16 global member countries from all over the globe [1]. The members act as the student ambassador of South Korea for their own country.

Members from each country write Wikipedia articles about the information affiliated to South Korea with the purpose of distributing correct information to people from each country. In addition to this, summits are conducted for the members of International Branch (IB) so as to form a strong network between student communities of different countries.



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