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Nahal Rafiah
נח"ל רפיח
D-9 plowed in Nahal Rafiah's fields
D-9 plowed in Nahal Rafiah's fields
Nahal Rafiah is located in the Gaza Strip
Nahal Rafiah
Nahal Rafiah
Coordinates: 31°17′19″N 34°15′7″E / 31.28861°N 34.25194°E / 31.28861; 34.25194
Founded byNahal

Nahal Rafiah was a Nahal settlement built by the Nahal in 1956, after the Suez Crisis, It was the second of the two settlements that were built in Sinai and Gaza Strip.[1]

References Edit

  1. ^ The another settlement was build in Sharm El Sheikh and called Nahal Tarshish [he] The settlement was evacuated after a number of months. >Miron Repoport, מפעל ההתנחלות נולד במוחו של משה דיין כבר ב-1956, On the site Haaretz, 10 july 2010

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