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A lactogogue is a substance or food that is believed to aid in the initiation, maintaining and the augmenting of adequate breast milk production. Lactogogues may be synthetic, plant derived or endogenous products.[1]

Lactogogue also known as galactogogue can be in a form of herb, drug or food and the underlying purpose is to help or aid in the production of breast milk. Most mothers face a lot of challenges in terms of adequate production of breast milk after delivery hence will need the aid of anything that will support the adequate production of breast milk for their children. These mothers however restore to the consumption of some food and or substances believed to aid in the adequate production of breast milk and these substances are referred to as Lactogogues.[2]

In foodEdit

There are numerous foods or substances considered to aid in the adequate or enough production of breast milk and some of them are mostly from plant driven. Below are some foods considered as lactogogues;

Garlic, wholegrain meals especially oatmeal,dark green leafy vegetables e.g spinach, chickpeas, ginger, nuts and seeds especially almonds etc.[3]

Foods used as lactogogues in GhanaEdit

In the Ghanaian setting, there are foods found that probably are not in other continents though they perform functions same as foods in other continents do regarding the promotion of adequate breast milk production. Some of these foods are; dried fruits which serves as natural lactogogue helps to steady the hormones responsible for break milk production. fatty fish such as salmon and tuna are great sources of milk production and are also great sources of essential fatty acids and omega 3 fatty acids. Essential fatty acids facilitates some hormones in the mother so that it helps in the adequate production of breast milk. legumes such as beans is also a great food source of lactogogues since they are complete proteins and can also help facilitate adequate breast milk production. In the Northern setting of Ghana, there are some specific foods that are believed to aid in adequate production of breast milk. Notable among them are foods from the groundnut sources, salt petre known in the local language as "kanwa",ayoyo kuuka, bra soup, hot millet porridge etc .[4]


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