Draft:Jameson C. Montgomery

Jameson C. Montgomery (born 1986) is an American Author.[1][2][3]


He has published "Jay Monty's Good Health Book For Kids: Importance of Water[4]," Jay Monty's Good Health For Kids: Remember To Brush, "Jay Monty's God In Me", Jay Monty's Good Health Book For Kids: Get Plenty of Sleep", "Jay Monty's Books We Are Heroes Too" "Jay Monty's The Art of Self-Discipline", "Jay Monty's Good Health Cook Book For Kids" , "Jay Monty's Taco In The Crowd"

He filed a utility patent and launched the brand Resistakicks.[5]

In 2019, he designed a shoe under his designer brand "J.Captiah" for his shoe titled Life Essentials.[6] He produced his Youtube channel titled Jaye Wellness Studio. [7]

In 2020, Jameson C. Montgomery released his comedic album.[8] Jameson is active in his community helping others with a condition he once faced called Eustachian tube dysfunction.[9]


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