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Jameson C. Montgomery is an American Entrepreneur, Author, Inventor, Designer, and Content Creator. He is best known for his Youtube Channel 'Jaye Wellness Studio'. He has also appeared on several articles and the most prominent appearance of GQ magazine for his famous shoe design[1].

Photoshoot of Jameson C. Montgomery


Jameson C. Montgomery was born in Fresno, CA in 1986 to CL and Sheila Montgomery. As of 2012 he is married and has two children.[2]

Jameson C. Montgomery has been interviewed by several media sources for his works as an Author. In 2018 he released his best-selling book " Jay Monty's God in Me". This book would eventually gain global notice and feature on various websites.

After spending most of his career in the medical field, he decided he wanted to create a product that would aid paraplegics who also wanted to engage in a resistance band workout. He has a passion for health and fitness and wanted to create something that would help those individuals with working out. He later filed a utility patent and launched the brand 'Resistakicks'. Unfortunately, due to the lack of demand and funding he had to close down the project.[3]

Under his book publishing name "Jay Monty's Books" he has released several titles. Those include the following: "Jay Monty's Good Health Book For Kids: Importance of Water[4]," Jay Monty's Good Health For Kids: Remember To Brush, "Jay Monty's God In Me", Jay Monty's Good Health Book For Kids: Get Plenty of Sleep", "Jay Monty's Books We Are Heroes Too" "Jay Monty's The Art of Self-Discipline", "Jay Monty's Good Health Cook Book For Kids" , "Jay Monty's Taco In The Crowd"

In 2019 Jameson C. Montgomery designed a hit designer shoe under his designer brand "J.Captiah" for his shoe titled "Life Essentials". This shoe later gained international attention being featured in GQ magazine in Italy.[5]

In 2019 Jameson also would go on to animate, voice, and produce his successful Youtube channel titled "Jaye Wellness Studio." Several of his videos would go viral after releasing a hit song titled "If It's Not Green" under his animated character's name "Captain Leafy Greens".[6]

In 2020 Jameson C. Montgomery released his comedic hit album titled "My Mask On". He discussed how it was a way for him to offer some light-hearted music for those feeling empty due to the pandemic.[7]

As of 2021 Jameson is very active in his community helping others with a condition he once faced called Eustachian Tube Dysfunction.[8]

He is also a blogger and writer for the mega company "Medium". He writes regularly about finding stress relief, eating healthy, and wellness topics.[9]


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