Domotz Pro
Developer(s)Domotz Ltd
Initial release2016; 4 years ago (2016)
Written inPython, C++, Node.js
Typenetwork management, network monitoring

Domotz Pro is an emerging network monitoring and remote tech support system for IT professionals, Managed Service Providers and AV installers. It discovers, inventories network devices and tracks connected end-nodes. It combines remote monitoring with remote access and power management features.[1][2][3][4].


  • Network discovery and deep device identification
  • Automated device/switch network mapping
  • Monitoring o Device status, TCP services and SNMP
  • Detection of connectivity issues and network intruders
  • Network speed tests, route analysis, network interfaces traffic and errors
  • Remote Device Access (RDP, http, https, ssh, telnet, proprietary TCP protocols)
  • Remote Power Management (soft reboots, wake-on-lan, support for PoE switches, smart plugs, UPS and Power Distribution Units)
  • Support for Home/Office Automation non-IP protocols (Cresnet/Crestron, Zigbee/Control4)
  • IT reports and operator actions logging


Domotz was founded in 2014 in London (UK) by Domenico Crapanzano, a former investment banker with a passion for technology and networking[5][6]. Development started in late 2014 in London (UK) and Pisa (Italy).The first public version was launched at CES 2016 in Las Vegas[7]. In May 20016 the company acquired Fing, a popular network scanning mobile app[8]. In May 2017 Domotz opened its U.S. headquartier in Salt Lake City (Utah)[9].

In 2017, Domotz has won Tech Home Mark of Excellence Award at CES 2017 for Best Home Technology Integration Product[10] and the CE Pro BEST (Best Electronics Systems Technologies) Awards for Remote Systems Management[11]


Access is available on a monthly subscription basis. A monitoring agent has to be installed in the network. It can be installed on Linux Debian, Raspberry PI[3], Netgear ReadyNAS[4], QNAP NAS[12], Synology NAS[13]. Some manufacturers, such as TRENDnet[14] and Luxul[15], are also commercialising hardware appliances running the Domotz software agent.


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