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Autoscribe Ltd. / Autoscribe Informatics, Inc
Autoscribe Informatics
Founded1981; 39 years ago (1981) in Reading, United Kingdom
FounderJohn Boother
Reading, Berkshire
United Kingdom
Key people
  • Matrix Gemini LIMS
  • Matrix Gemini BIMS

Autoscribe Informatics develops and implements laboratory software including Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).


Autoscribe Ltd was incorporated in 1981.[1] by John Boother. It moved to its current Aldermaston location in December 2016[2]. Autoscribe gained ISO9001 certification as a 'Stockist and Distributor of Proprietary Software mainly for Laboratory Use. Design, Development, Marketing, Sales, Implementation and Support of Software.' (Certificate Number: 1329/A/0001/UK/En)[3] in 1997 which it utilises in development of its laboratory software[4]. Autoscribe Informatics is the trading name of Autoscribe Ltd.[5].

Autoscribe Informatics, Inc. was founded in late 2011[6], giving a direct presence in the US market. Zumatrix, Inc., the North American distribution and support team for Autoscribe's Matrix Gemini product, was transferred into the new U.S. entity, which began operations on January 3, 2012[7]. Autoscribe's US operation is based in Lakeville, MA. Autoscribe have also been operational in Australia since January 2017[8] with a base in Adelaide, South Australia[9], and distribute through distribution partners in other regions.

The earliest on-line reference to Autoscribe is in a discussion paper[10] for the UK National Physical Laboratory in 2001 where it is referenced as both a LIMS supplier and a LIMS Consultant. Autoscribe Informatics is cited as among the global LIMS suppliers by market analysts[11][12][13][14].

Technology and productsEdit

The Matrix Gemini LIMS solutions products are used in Laboratories and other testing environments to manage large volumes of data at the sample registration, sample tracking, result entry and validation stages of testing or research.[15][failed verification][16] The 5 products in the Matrix line have a number of features and differences. Matrix Gemini LIMS is a configurable system tailored to customer requirements[17]. Matrix Express is a version of Matrix Gemini with more basic functionality, often used by smaller laboratories or as an introductory LIMS in larger organizations[18]

Other productsEdit

Autoscribe also produce Business Information Management Systems (BIMS)[19] for wider business purposes. These include software to manage staff competencies, laboratory documentation, Corrective and preventive actions (CAPA), laboratory assets and customer feedback.


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