Dr. Max Nordau Synagogue

The Dr. Max Nordau Synagogue, also called Hebrew community Dor Hadash, is located in Villa CrespoBuenos Aires.

Dr. Max Nordau Synagogue
AffiliationConservative Judaism
Ecclesiastical or organizational statusActive Synagogue
LocationBuenos Aires


Although the temple was opened in 1955, its history started in 1912, when a group of immigrants coming from a few countries of Eastern Europe, among them there was; Lithuanians, Russians, and Poles, founded a cultural center, near the place where is now the temple Dr. Max Nordau.[1]

In 1923, the synagogue was moved to its current location, the Murillo street, number 665, it was a cheder school there, with 20 students and a teacher. That same year, the congregation changed its name and was called: "Dr. Max Nordau" Hebrew association, named after the zionist leader, and follower of Theodor Herzl.[1]

In 1985, the congregation was called Hebrew community Dor Hadash (in English: new generation). The rituals were modernized, Dor Hadash is a conservative congregation.[1]