Dove è amore è gelosia

Dove è amore è gelosia is an opera (intermezzo giocoso) in two acts composed by Giuseppe Scarlatti to an Italian libretto by Marco Coltellini. It was originally written for the wedding celebration of Jan Nepomuk, the eldest son and heir-apparent of Prince Joseph Adam I of Schwarzenberg, and premiered at the theatre in the Český Krumlov Castle in Český Krumlov on 24 July 1768.[1]

The first modern revival of Dove è amore è gelosia was staged at the Baroque Theatre of Český Krumlov Castle, the site of its original premiere, on 9 September 2011.[2] [3]

The music to one of Patrizio's arias, "A che serve intisichire" has been noted to share a degree of similarity with Cherubino's aria, "Non so più cosa son" from Mozart's Le Nozze di Figaro, which was composed 18 years later.


Role Voice type Premiere cast, 24 July 1768
Conductor: Giuseppe Scarlatti
Clarice, The Marquise, lover of Orazio soprano Princess Maria Theresia of Schwarzenberg
Vespetta, The marquise's maid, lover of Patrizio soprano Antonia Scarlatti
Orazio, The Count, lover of Clarice tenor Count Salburg of Linz
Patrizio, The count's servant, lover of Clarice tenor Marco Coltellini


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