Doun Kaev municipality

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Doun Kaev municipality (Khmer: ក្រុងដូនកែវ) is a municipality (krong) in Takeo province, in southern Cambodia.

Doun Kaev municipality
Krong Doun Kaev
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Doun Kaev municipality is located in Cambodia
Doun Kaev municipality
Doun Kaev municipality
Location in Cambodia
Coordinates: 10°59′15″N 104°46′58″E / 10.98750°N 104.78278°E / 10.98750; 104.78278
CapitalDoun Kaev
 • TypeCity municipality
 • Total43,402
Time zoneUTC+7 (ICT)
District Code2108

Krong Doun Kaev was renamed from Doun Kaev district in accordance with Sub-Decree No. 226 អនក្រ.បក dated 30 December 2008.[2]

Administrative divisionsEdit

As of 2019, Krong Doun Kaev has three sangkats (quarters) and 40 villages.[2]

No. Code Sangkat Khmer Number of villages
1 2108-01 Baray បារាយណ៍ 14
2 2108-02 Roka Knong រកាក្នុង 12
3 2108-03 Roka Krau រកាក្រៅ 14


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