Doun Kaev (town)

Doun Kaev (Khmer: ដូនកែវ [doun kaew]; lit. "Crystal Grandmother") is the capital of Takéo Province, Cambodia. In 1998 it had a population of 39,186. The town and province is known for silk weaving, and the province is home to about 10,000 of the total of 15,000 Cambodian weavers. Most silk weavers in the villages are near the national highway in the direction of Takéo town. The technique of silk weaving could have come to the Khmer during the Kingdom of Funan, probably in the 2nd century, from India and China.[citation needed]

Doun Kaev
Independence Monument in Doun Kaev
Independence Monument in Doun Kaev
Doun Kaev is located in Cambodia
Doun Kaev
Doun Kaev
Location of Takéo, Cambodia
Coordinates: 10°59′N 104°47′E / 10.983°N 104.783°E / 10.983; 104.783
Country Cambodia
MunicipalityDoun Kaev
 • Total43,402
Time zoneUTC+7 (ICT)

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