Douglas Whyte

Douglas Whyte

Douglas Whyte (born 15 Nov 1971 in Johannesburg, South Africa) is a former horse racing jockey and now work for horse trainer. He became Hong Kong champion jockey in the 2000-2001 season and won 13 consecutive titles. In 2013-14, he relinquished that title to Zac Purton, finishing third with 88 wins to give him an accumulated total of more than 1,600 races in Hong Kong with career stake earnings of more than $HK 1.3 billion.[1][2]

Douglas Whyte end his jockey career after 10 February 2019 Shatin meeting. [3]

Major winsEdit

Significant horsesEdit


Total Rides
No. of Wins
No. of 2nds
No. of 3rds
No. of 4ths
Stakes won
2013/2014 577 88 69 59 62 HK$106,348,525

Year-end chartsEdit

Chart (2014–present) Peak
National Earnings List for Jockeys 2014 94


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